Enerquip attends Home Grown Success at local high school

Enerquip was represented by several employees at this year’s Home Grown Success workshop.

Every year in Medford, Wisconsin, the local business community comes together for a workshop to show the city’s high school students the many opportunities available to them right in their hometown.

“Home Grown Success” is a great way to show students that they don’t need to travel far to find a successful, rewarding career. As James Stokes, a local photographer, explained in his blog post for the Growing Roots in Taylor County Journal, many young adults finding themselves returning to their hometowns after going away for an education or a career. When they do, many find that success can be had, even in a small town like Medford.
One of the workshop’s attendees explained she was surprised to see the many career options that were available to her in Medford.

“I had always thought there really wasn’t much job variation in our hometown,” she explained. “Home Grown Success helped open my eyes to see how great our small town really is.”
Enerquip has participated in the workshop for two years now. Through this event, we hope that these high school students realize their potential and are encouraged to explore the many career opportunities available to them locally.

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