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Your step-by-step guide to proper chiller tube maintenance

Your chiller needs to be inspected and maintained regularly.

Fall and winter present the perfect opportunity to address any maintenance concerns.

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How membranes can cut costs in ice cream, yogurt and cheese production

The right membrane can help companies improve the quality of their ice cream and other dairy products.

Adopting membrane technology can allow dairy product manufacturers source certain hard-to-find or expensive ingredients in-house.

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How often should you clean your shell and tube heat exchanger?

Create a cleaning schedule to ensure your equipment stays in good condition throughout its life.

Shell and tube heat exchanger operators must strike a balance between regular cleaning times and fouling accumulation.

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How a pinch analysis can lead to energy cost savings

A pinch analysis can help determine the heat efficiency of a process.

A pinch analysis helps to determine the best locations and design for each piece of equipment.

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What you need to know about cleaning different tube configurations

Fouling on both the shellside and tubeside is common in petroleum refinery shell and tube heat exchangers.

Not all cleaning strategies are appropriate for all configurations.

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5 helpful tips for scheduling shell and tube heat exchanger maintenance

Having scheduled preventative maintenance days can help lengthen the lifespan of your equipment.

These five shell and tube heat exchanger maintenance tips can help make your shutdown day more productive.

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Strategize your orders to reduce long lead-times

Some suppliers keep spare parts in stock, but plan ahead for custom equipment.

A quality product doesn’t just happen by chance.

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Why heat is vital to the dairy pasteurization process

Pasteurization is a necessary element to making edible products, but much depends on the heating method.

Pasteurization is a necessary part of handling most dairy products and processing facilities depend on the highest quality equipment to help eliminate harmful organisms.

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Microbreweries gaining ground in the beer making industry

Craft beer companies are increasing and need the appropriate heat exchangers for the job.

In the last half-decade, the number of microbreweries filling Americans’ pint glasses has skyrocketed.

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Preserving ethanol equipment with faster cleanups

Ethanol equipment has to be properly cleaned to run at its most efficient level.

Ethanol processing plants have to ensure their equipment can withstand months of running product through shell and tube heat exchangers.

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