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How 3 favorite holiday flavors are made to be safely consumed

Pumpkin is considered a low-acidity canned food and needs to undergo specific heat treatment.

Treats like pumpkin pie, eggnog and cranberry sauce bring back memories of holiday feasts and large gatherings for many people.

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New FSMA deadlines are approaching this September

Manufacturers of pet food must understand how the upcoming FSMA deadlines will affect them.

Review the expectations outlined in the FSMA soon to avoid legal ramifications and also to ensure a safe food production environment.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturers must meet ASME-BPE standards

Pharmaceutical Sanitary Standards

After numerous requests, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers collaborated to come up with the ASME-BPE (Bioprocessing equipment) standard.

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Shell and tube heat exchanger standards: Part 2

Industry standards ensure that all products are consistently safe.

No matter what industry you operate in, standards matter. They are the measuring stick against which companies and consumers can measure products and choose which ones best suit their needs.

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The importance of food safety in processing plants

Food processing safety has become one of the most important issues in the nation.

Each year, facilities try to prevent any food illness outbreaks or bacterial contamination by following the strictest sanitary regulations, but sometimes facilities lack awareness of the simplest safety measures.

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New proposal would give USDA authority to recall meat, poultry and egg items

A new proposal from Congress would allow the USDA to recall eggs, poultry and meat items.

While it’s not the first time the idea has been proposed, Congress again plans to introduce a bill that would give the U.S. Department of Agriculture the authority to remove unsafe eggs, meat and poultry products from grocery store shelves, the Consumerist reported.

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5 tips to help prevent contamination in food processing facilities

Cleaning all food processing equipment is essential for preventing contamination.

Food processing plants have to maintain the upmost standards when properly handling food products for consumers

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Concerns over bacteria lead to changes in food packaging

Food packaging bacteria concerns from consumers is turning into a major issue for processing facilities.

The concern for quality, health, safety and freshness in food products has increased dramatically over the last decade and brands are listening to consumers’ worries, Food Production Daily reported.

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Massachusetts seafood processing facility warned by FDA about temperature control

Temperature control issues were reported in a seafood facility and received a warning from the FDA.

Food processing plants rely on temperature control to keep their products’ shape, form, taste and edibility.

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Turkey processing plant under OSHA inspection after rash of sick employees

A turkey processing facility is under inspection by OSHA for an illness outbreak.

A turkey processing facility located in Willmar, Minnesota, recently had some of its employees sent to a local hospital after a mysterious illness caused about 30 different workers to suffer from symptoms like heavy coughing and vomiting.

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