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Turkey processing plant under OSHA inspection after rash of sick employees

A turkey processing facility is under inspection by OSHA for an illness outbreak.

A turkey processing facility located in Willmar, Minnesota, recently had some of its employees sent to a local hospital after a mysterious illness caused about 30 different workers to suffer from symptoms like heavy coughing and vomiting.

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Why floor space is vital for food processing facilities

Having the right floor space in a food processing facility can help with equipment cleaning.

Food processing facilities have to ensure the highest safety standards while handling food products for consumption.

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Dairy manufacturer recalls yogurt after pasteurization malfunction

A voluntary recall by a Washington state dairy processor is asking retailers to remove the company's yogurt from their shelves.

Pasteurization is an absolutely critical stage for yogurt, milk, cheese and other dairy products so they can be sold, shipped and consumed.

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Listeria contamination causes breakfast food processing facility to recall meat products

A breakfast food processing facility is forced to recall meat products after possible listeria contamination.

The USDA recently recalled more than 31 tons of meat and poultry after finding a contamination in potatoes from a breakfast meals food processing company.

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Study: Previously recalled ingredients still exist in new supplements

A new report showed recalled ingredients still being sold in items.

A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered some dietary supplements on the market still contained possibly dangerous ingredients found in prescription drugs that were recalled a few years ago.

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US GAO calls for stricter policies for poultry handling processing plants

The U.S. GAO is asking the USDA to increase its safety performance with processing facilities and poultry.

A new report was released by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, which stated the U.S. Department of Agriculture could add more stipulations to poultry handling in food processing facilities to reduce Salmonella and Campylobacter contamination.

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Raw bean sprouts cause salmonella outbreak in Eastern US

Another outbreak of salmonella occurred with bean sprouts in the U.S.

A recent outbreak of salmonella spread across 10 different states was linked to raw sprouts. the U.S. Centers for Disease Control explained that at least 63 people were affected.

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Questions arising from Wisconsin raw milk outbreak

A high school football team in Wisconsin suffered from a Campylobacter outbreak because of raw milk.

Earlier in September, a high school football team in Durand, Wisconsin, held a team potluck in which raw unpasteurized milk was served.

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Poultry liquid a major cause of campylobacter outbreaks in processing plants

Poultry liquids are often the source of bacteria outbreaks if the areas are not cleaned properly.

One of the biggest concerns for food processing plants is battling bacteria on equipment and other surfaces.

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Contamination inspections of compound pharmaceutical manufacturers increasing

Pharmaceutical companies have to follow strict guidelines to prevent contaminated products.

The pharmaceutical industry is reliant on manufacturing the most pure and dependable products, as many components can alter a final medication.

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