Enerquip to attend 3 different industry conferences and expos

Conferences and expositions are great ways to learn more about your industry.

Conferences and expositions are great ways to learn more about your industry.

No matter what industry you work in, it's important to stay up to date on trends and advancements relevant to your business. There are many ways to accomplish this, such as by becoming a member of a professional organization, subscribing to industry publications and following leaders on social media networks like LinkedIn.

Another way to stay in the know is to attend industry conferences, expositions and trade shows. Events like these are designed to bring like-minded people together so they can collaborate and learn more about their chosen field.

"One way to stay in the know is to attend industry conferences and expositions."

International Cheese Technology Expo
To that end, Enerquip plans to attend three different industry events this month. The first will be the International Cheese Technology Expo in Milwaukee on April 12-14.

As many as 3,500 people plan on attending the event, which has been continually growing for several years. There will also be 524 booths featuring various aspects of the cheese industry, from production to safety to marketing. It is the largest cheese expo in North America, John Umhoefer of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association said.

One trend that has been popping up at the cheese expo is more dairy farmers making their own cheeses. The expo will provide educational opportunities for farmers who wish to expand their operations or those who want to learn more about specialty cheeses, such as goat or sheep milk cheese, or cheese that is smoked or prepared with special ingredients like truffles.

Sanitary shell and tube heat exchangers are important to the cheese industry because they are needed to pasteurize the product. Pasteurization is important for killing bacteria like salmonella or E. coli that can cause foodborne illnesses. The process is generally required for dairy products before they are sold to consumers.

International Pharmaceutical Expo – INTERPHEX
Shell and tube heat exchangers are used widely across many fields beyond the food and dairy industries. Many biomedical and pharmaceutical companies also rely on the equipment to ensure medicines are safe and consistent before introducing them to consumers and medical professionals. Enerquip will be attending the event in NYC from April 26 – 28th.

INTERPHEX is a conference geared toward the biotechnical and pharmaceutical industries. More than 10,000 industry professionals are expected to attend the event, with more than 600 suppliers ready to exchange ideas and learn more about their profession. These decision makers take the opportunity INTERPHEX provides to network with other professionals and discover new technologies. Many others like the opportunity to speak with multiple clients in one place.

eChemExpo Solutions Marketplace & Technology Innovations Conference
Industry events have a big impact on professionals and companies when they are focused on relevance. That is the goal with each year's eChemExpo Solutions Marketplace & Technology Innovations Conference, held in Kingsport, TN on April 28th.

Ten months before each conference, key stakeholders collaborate to determine some of the most important capital purchasing needs for the following two years, as the conference is held every other year. This process also helps determine the theme of the conference.

Stakeholder interviews are held for a three-month period. Once these purchasing needs are decided upon, the best candidates to provide solutions are determined. These providers are invited between five and seven months prior to the conference.

The last eChemExpo took place in 2014 and was the top multidisciplinary event focusing on the process industry in the Americas. Nearly 1,100 people attended the event in 2014, along with more than 150 companies displaying exhibits. For individuals and companies that attend the event, it's important that exhibits are relevant to today's purchasing needs.

This year's theme is "Improving Innovation, Safety & Reliability to Accelerate Manufacturing Growth" and will feature more than 40 different seminars to discuss innovations that can help people improve their businesses and processes.

Enerquip has taken part in the eChemExpo since 2012 and will be attending again this year. Its booth will be placed in the process, mechanical and materials section.

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