Mars announces two facility upgrades

Mars announced two major facility renovations for to processing plants.

Mars announced two major facility renovations for to processing plants.

Mars Food North America recently announced plans to renovate its Greenville, Mississippi, processing facility, which will begin construction in 2015, Food Production Daily reported. The new updates will add at least 25 new jobs once it's completed and will have a research and development application center added to the building.

Matt Hurst, spokesman for Mars Food, explained the company is still uncertain when start and end dates will be announced, the source reported. However, the company plans to invest $31 million in total renovations for the Greenville location.

"The investment is over three years, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we will have everything completed by [2018]," said Hurst, according to the source.

The company's three main products under the Greenville facility are Uncle Ben's, Seeds of Change and Abu Siouf, which Mars Food ships to Middle Eastern customers. Hurst added the new facility will have modernized equipment and parts to install a brand new packaging line, Mississippi News stated.

Another facility in Pennsylvania receives updates as well
Mars Drinks also has plans to invest $29 million in renovations for its global business campus in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Vending Market Watch reported. The new additions will let workers roast and grind coffee products directly at the facility. Research developers, roasters and other operational jobs will be needed once the facility completes its add-ons to the food processing plant.

"Our new facility provides the ideal environment where we can focus even more on quality, innovation, collaboration, customer-centricity and operational excellence," said Xavier Unkovic, global president of Mars Drinks at the facility, according to the source. "As we grow, we remain committed to delivering drinks solutions that cater to people at work for every occasion, palate, and place of connection."

All roasting done at new facility
The new plant will allow Mars Drinks to roast all of their coffee in the processing plant, which will ultimately create a fresher and more readily available product for its customers, Vending Market Watch reported. Additionally, the new facility will be constructed to follow Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council regulations.

New systems in the processing plant will include rainwater harvesting equipment, electrically tinted and shaded glass and quality insulated roofing material, the source reported.

"Today's grand opening at Mars Drinks is one example of the many great manufacturing success stories occurring all over the commonwealth, and proof that we are truly building a stronger Pennsylvania," said Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley. "When businesses such as Mars Drinks are looking to expand, we can tell them to look no further, because Pennsylvania has the climate for businesses to thrive and the skilled workforce they demand."

According to the Daily Local News, there are more than 650 employees of Mars around the world. The new renovations will create an open-office feel for the facility.

To conserve floor space in the renovation process, OEM equipment suppliers and contractors should look to custom shell and tube heat exchangers to fit perfectly in the building.

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