Process Expo 2017: 3 things we’re looking forward to

The Virtual Reality Showroom will let Process Expo 2017 attendees see new angles of exhibitors' equipment.

The Virtual Reality Showroom will let Process Expo 2017 attendees see new angles of exhibitors' equipment.


Now that September is here, the engineers at Enerquip are looking forward to the biggest trade show we’ll attend this year: Process Expo 2017. This gathering will bring together professionals from the food and beverage, dairy and pet food industries.

The event will take place at McCormick Place in Chicago from Sept. 19-22, and Enerquip will be set up at booth 2726.

Here are three things we’re looking forward to at this year’s Process Expo:

Feeding the Hopper: An educational series debut

The Process Expo always offers a bounty of opportunities for attendees to broaden their knowledge and learn about advancements in their industries. But this year, Process Expo will unveil a new educational series called Feeding the Hopper, which will take place at booth 3816.

There will be eight Feeding the Hopper sessions on Tuesday, Sept. 19 and seven on Wednesday, Sept. 20 and Thursday, Sept. 21, and each will touch on a different topic related to the food processing industry.

For example, on Wednesday morning, Phyllis Posy, vice president, strategic services and regulatory affairs at Atlantium Technologies, will be discussing how new municipal water rules will affect food processing operations.

Posy has elaborated on this subject before. In her article in Food Quality & Safety she points out that it’s the food processor’s responsibility to ensure all water used will not contaminate products. At the same time, municipal water – a source many operations utilize – is held to different standards than the Food Safety Modernization Act requires. As such, she points out, food processors must implement a system to regularly evaluate incoming water and take measures to make sure it’s safe enough to use in their operations.

Other Feeding the Hopper topics will include energy efficiency, sanitary food processing equipment design and labor laws.

Process Expo’s Virtual Showroom

Another new feature at this year’s Process Expo is the Virtual Reality Showroom. Only eight exhibitors are set up to be featured in the Showroom, and even though Enerquip isn’t one of them, we’re just as excited to see those who are. The Showroom will allow participants to see and interact with exhibitor’s equipment in a virtual reality environment.

Virtual reality has been around for a few years, but continues to improve and be adapted for new purposes. Using it at the Process Expo will allow people to evaluate a piece of equipment without the item actually needing to be there.

“Attendees will get the chance to safely stick their heads into the virtual equipment and get a better idea of how it works than ever before,” explained Tom Kittle, the president of Handtmann, Inc and Handtmann Canada Ltd. and chairman of the Food Processing Suppliers Association, in a press release. “They’ll get to play with the equipment as well as the finished products that the virtual equipment is making. This innovative technology will truly give our customers a new way to look at our equipment.”

Networking with food, beverage and dairy industry professionals

Our team of engineers look forward to Process Expo all year. It’s the nation’s biggest trade show and brings in professionals from all corners of the food, beverage and dairy industries. While educational sessions like Feeding the Hopper and fun, industry-advancing technologies like the Virtual Reality Showroom are exciting to experience, what we really look forward to is meeting new people and seeing professionals we haven’t seen since the last Process Expo.

Trade shows supply the perfect environment for networking, learning about industry changes and seeing new technologies in person. We’re looking forward to speaking with professionals who are curious about how heat exchangers can benefit their operations, or those who are already using heat exchangers and want to talk about ways to improve their existing equipment. We’re also excited to show off one of our newest offerings – a low flow shell and tube heat exchanger, which will be helpful to operations where product flow rates are low.

Enerquip will have a team of engineers at Process Expo Sept. 19-22 at booth 2726.

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