OEM Custom SS Fabrication

Why Enerquip?

We can design and build a wide variety of stainless steel process components for OEM systems.  Enerquip can meet your code requirements while working within your schedule limitations.  Our team has the expertise, knowledge and industry experience to build to your design, or create custom equipment components to your specifications.

Some of our Project Examples include:

  • Ductwork & Transitions
  • Columns
  • Exhaust Stacks & Scrubbers
  • Membrane & Filter Housings
  • Pre-fabricated Pipe Spools
  • Single Shell Tanks / Pressure Vessels
  • Distributor Plates
  • Pump Stands / Carts

Advantages of using Enerquip for custom fabrication:

  • Our in-house CAD team is experienced in 2-D and 3-D design
  • ASME U and R code stamps – certified welders
  • In-house CNC machining center for faster turnaround of parts
  • Stringent Quality Control process
  • Experienced welders, fitters, assemblers and finishers
  • Bead-blasting, electro-polishing, passivation available
  • Proven Project Management processes keep your project on track
  • Complete inspection and hydro-testing (where applicable)
  • Preparation for shipment, and reliable shipping to your plant or jobsite on time (or early).

Your company will be so impressed with our quality and service that they will choose Enerquip to be their preferred supplier of system components!


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