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Enerquip attends the 23rd Annual Life Sciences Technology Conference in North Carolina

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering Carolina South-Atlantic Chapter will be hosting its 23rd Annual Life Sciences Technology Conference on March 31 in the Raleigh Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The event will feature more than 200 exhibitors showcasing various technological offerings for the pharmaceutical industry. More than 1,000 life sciences professionals are expected to attend the event.

The ISPE is the world’s largest not-for-profit association and the Carolina South-Atlantic chapter is one of the most active divisions of the organization.

Learning opportunities
This conference provides industry professionals with the opportunity to collaborate and learn about new technologies and advancements to the industry. There will be seven educational tracks featured at this year’s conference. One will be dedicated to students and young professionals.

Another will feature the North Carolina Biomanufacturing and Process Development Intellectual Exchange Group. This one includes four speakers from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center who will address the subject of vaccines.

Doing good
The conference also strives to give back to the community. Each year, a charity is chosen for the event to benefit.

This year, the named charity is the Greg Olsen Foundation, which works to provide doctors and hospitals with the resources they need to help people affected by cardiovascular disease, cancer and other disorders. Proceeds from the charity raffle will go specifically to the foundation’s program, The Heartest Yard, which aims to provide support to parents with children who have congenital heart disease.

Conference-goers will have the opportunity to take part in the charity raffle in order to donate. The raffle includes more than 30 prizes donated by exhibitors who will be at the conference.

Enerquip to attend
Shell and tube heat exchangers are important to the pharmaceutical industry. They are used to ensure medicines and their liquid components are safe before entering the market. This process is done by circulating the product through the sterile tube side of the heat exchanger while introducing a heating medium on the shell side. This will heat the medicine according to Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

These direct heat exchanger applications are important to the pharmaceutical industry, as are indirect heating and cooling applications like CIP heating, clean steam generation, reactor jacket heating, vapor condensing and biowaste neutralization.

For more information about how Enerquip’s custom pharma-grade shell and tube heat exchangers can benefit your business, contact the experts at Enerquip, or visit them at the Annual Life Sciences Technology Conference on March 31.

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