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Enerquip Attends the ISPE Product Show in Boston

Attending product shows is a valuable way for industry professionals to network with their peers and learn about new industry trends and improvements. They help people develop strategies to improve their own businesses and open the door for career advancement opportunities.

The largest one-day product show in the country is put on every year by the Boston Area Chapter of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers. This year marks the show’s 25th anniversary, and it will be held on Wednesday, October 5.

The show will feature more than 375 vendors and service providers, and 2,500 people are expected to attend. Vendors have the opportunity to announce some of their offerings during a showcase presentation and attendees can go to educational sessions or networking events to meet new people and learn about industry news.

Enerquip is looking forward to being one of these vendors again this year. This event is a wonderful opportunity to see the many ways shell and tube heat exchangers can be specially designed to improve a wide variety of unique companies in the life sciences industries.

Education is key

Attendees will have the chance to watch three informative presentations that address some of the top concerns of business leaders in the life sciences industries today.

One important topic to be discussed will be how to tackle facility expansions and retrofits while maintaining good manufacturing practices. This is a problem many companies face when trying to increase and improve their production. Trying to expand while maintaining high-quality operations without slowing down production can be difficult, but not impossible. Joseph Musiak, the director of engineering at Acorda Therapeutics, a biotechnology company in New York, will explain his experience dealing with this dilemma.

“Three informative presentations will address some concerns of business leaders in the life sciences industries.”

Another topic will be the use of quality assurance tools to encourage improvements for drugs, cell therapy and biotechnology. This will dive into topics like when a quality assurance team should be involved in product development and Six Sigma, a quality improvement tool that helps businesses become more efficient. Amnon Eylath, a senior consultant at Bio Bridges, a clinical development consulting company, will be leading this discussion.

The history of the biotechnology field and its recent advancements is another topic attendees can learn about. New technologies in biomanufacturing and bioprocessing have brought many positive changes to the agricultural industry, the health care field and various environmental efforts. Kamal Rashid, the director of the Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center and Research Professor in the Department of Biology/Biotechnology and a research professor at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute will give this presentation.

Meeting and greeting

The event will provide everyone ample time to make new connections and strengthen old ones. Many people love that some of their most important industry contacts will be present, giving them the ability to catch up with a wide range of influencers all in one place. Plus, a career fair featuring human resource representatives from 40 companies give those beginning their careers or looking to change paths a chance to get to know about some of the opportunities available to them. In addition to the already-social atmosphere, there will be two networking events for people to attend.

The first opportunity is aimed at students and young professionals. It’s important that these people have the chance to make new contacts and begin growing connections at the beginning of their career. The Young Professionals Networking Hour will focus on social media and how it benefits the life sciences industry. Social media is crucial in brand development, public relations, patient advocacy, marketing and other consumer-facing aspects of any business, and companies in the life sciences and bio-pharma industries are no different. It’s important for future industry leaders to learn about these concepts and methods early on.

The second networking event is the after party, an event the ISPE Boston Area Product Show is famous for hosting. This year, it will take place at Splitsville/Howl at the Moon at Patriot Place. This is the first time the after party will be located here, and it is sure to be a good time. A bowling alley and dueling pianos are sure to entertain. Patriots defensive end Rob Ninkovich also plans to attend to chat, sign autographs and pose for pictures.

Look for Enerquip at this year’s ISPE Product Show in the East Hall near the bar. We will be able to talk about your unique needs and how a stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger can help your business improve.

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