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Here’s what we learned at 3 food, beverage and dairy industry conferences in April

wo Enerquip employees answered questions about shell and tube heat exchangers used in dairy processing at the Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference.

Ice cream for breakfast?  Yes, please!

Here’s what we learned at 3 food, beverage and dairy industry conferences in April

by | Apr 26, 2017

Spring is always an exciting season for Enerquip. As the snow begins to melt, our calendars fill up with industry events and conferences. This April, we set up shop at three fun conferences:

  • The Pro Food Tech Expo in Chicago on April 4-6.
  • The Craft Brewers Conference and Expo in the District of Columbia on April 10-13.
  • The International Cheese Technology Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, on April 12-13.

Between food, brews and cheese, we can’t decide which we liked most. Here are our favorite moments from each of them:

Learning about sustainable water management in food processing plants

This year’s ProFood Tech conference in Chicago was packed with interesting, informative sessions that spoke to everything from food trends in the coming year, to catering to the next generation of consumers.

As you might expect, one of the best parts of this conference is the food! Companies are always looking for new ways to bring nutritious foods to consumers, and the ProFood Tech conference is a great place to find new ideas that are just being introduced.

For example, Mary Haderlein of Hyde Park Group, Isha Datar of New Harvest and Ryan Pandya of Perfect Day talked about new trends like genetically modified fruits and animal-free proteins in their presentation, “Innovative Foods: Science Fiction or Next Big Hit.”

Exploring new ways to make breweries sustainable at the Craft Brewers Conference

Just like the food processing industry needs large quantities of water, so does the beer industry. Aside from the obvious key ingredient to brews themselves, water is also needed to keep a brewery clean and running smoothly. Because of this, many breweries find themselves struggling to keep water use down.

The “Innovation in Sustainability” session gave attendees ideas on how to make their operations more sustainable. Cheri Chastain, the sustainability manager at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., along with Brandon Smith, the company’s engineering manager and James Soares, the director of operations at Salt Lake City Brewing Co., shared some of their success stories in cutting down on water use.

Seeing all the award-winning cheeses at the Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference

Every year, thousands of cheesemakers and other people in the dairy processing industry gather in Wisconsin to talk all things cheese. This year, more than 2,400 people attended the conference, which meant there was a plethora of intelligent people from all corners of the dairy industry. It also meant there was no shortage of excellent cheese.

One important topic discussed at the conference was techniques in dairy manufacturing and processing. Correctly handling dairy is crucial to creating healthy products that consumers can enjoy. Food-grade equipment, like sanitary shell and tube heat exchangers, is essential. So is knowing how to inspect your equipment to identify the early signs of problems that could lead to contamination or slowed processes later on.

Each of these conferences provided professionals with important information on keeping their operations clean, safe and efficient. If you’re curious about how a shell and tube heat exchanger can improve your processes, or are in the market for an upgrade of your current exchanger, reach out to the knowledgeable engineers at Enerquip.


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