Enerquip’s Dustin Freeman

Dustin Freeman – Enerquip’s Waterjet Operator

Enerquip’s Dustin Freeman

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Article

Personal Facts

I’m married with one daughter. Have one dog and one cat.  I am an avid bow hunter, I go out of state every year to hunt deer.  I enjoy anything outdoors.  Baseball is my favorite sport.

Work Topics

  1. What led you to a career in manufacturing?  Went to school for land surveying and found out that CAD designing and laying out parcels was pretty fun and started my career with IAP for mechanical design shortly after graduating.
  2. Share something interesting about your contribution in the process of manufacturing heat exchangers.  For the newer employees, I worked in CAD for 4+ years here at Enerquip and I’d say with knowing a lot of the inside details to the heat exchanger offers me some knowledge moving forward every year with parts and designs for our units we fabricate.


My favorite thing about my job is I’m able to self-manage my schedule and also, maintaining the machines that I have on my list usually keeps me on my toes.  Every day is a new day with curve balls here and there.

Did you know that a waterjet can cut paper and glass?


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