Enerquip’s Lonnie Marcott

Enerquip Welder – Lonnie Marcott

Enerquip’s Lonnie Marcott

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Article

Personal Facts

I have a wife and four daughters ages 12-16. We all enjoy fishing, water sports and camping throughout the summer. My wife and I love to ride motorcycle as well. Come fall, I have all the girls wanting to be out in the woods enjoying hunting and spending quality time together.

Work Topics

  1. What led you to a career in manufacturing?  My curiosity was peaked as to finding out how specific products were made and completed. In high school welding class, we covered the basics as to welding and the different processes. We had a tig welder in the shop and it really wasn’t part of the curriculum. I had to find out how to weld with the tig welder. From that point on,, I trained myself everyday during study halls throughout high school and was fairly educated in all fields of welding. I enjoy learning and training myself and others with “hands on” experiences. I enjoy seeing the great products and outcomes of every experience!
  2. Share something interesting about your contribution in the process of manufacturing heat exchangers. In each and every product, I like to make sure every process that is required is done with a “quality in mind” attitude. Whether its welding or polishing, I ensure everything I touch is acceptable and completed with a high quality standard. In some cases, a particular part or product needs a little “extra” to bring it to an acceptable measure. I really enjoy helping all of us as a team and being as efficient as possible.