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Advanced Process Technologies

Advanced Process Technologies works hard to provide necessary equipment to businesses in the food and dairy industries. Some of its most popular products include pasteurizers, clean-in-place systems and cheese-processing equipment.

These systems and equipment are all important elements in the food and dairy industry.

Pasteurization is essential in ridding dairy products of harmful bacteria that can cause food borne illnesses. There are strict regulations surrounding this step in the manufacturing of milks, cheeses and other products. Because of this, it’s important that dairy producers have access to state-of- the-art equipment that meets government standards.

Clean-in-place systems are found in many dairy processing facilities. These allow manufacturers to clean and sanitize their equipment quickly and efficiently, rather than disassembling systems and manually cleaning each part.

The CIP systems provided by APT save businesses time as well as money by reducing the amount of water needed to clean the system.

APT’s cheesemaking equipment comes in many shapes, sizes and applications. These systems can be customized to suit a particular business’ needs, which is important when making specialty cheeses. APT strives to improve the dairy industry, which led to the creation of their Advanced Cheese Vat. The ACV has shown to improve cheese yields and advance the performance of a producer. Many dairy companies have already taken advantage of the ACV in the U.S. and Canada, including Land O’Lakes, Sartori Cheese, Parmalat and Sorrento Lactalis.

APT’s clients count on the company to provide high-quality equipment that meets industry standards and can perform efficiently. These clients value systems that not only ensure a quality product for their consumers, but also enhance their operations and benefit their bottom line. Because of this, APT places great value in working with suppliers that understand these same needs.

Enerquip, a trusted partner

Since APT’s inception in 2000, the company has trusted Enerquip to provide shell and tube heat exchangers for the many systems it provides to food and dairy companies. Shell and tube heat exchangers are integral pieces in pasteurizing, CIP and cheesemaking systems. Plus, Enerquip is able to provide exchangers that are customized to APT clients’ specific needs.

“[Enerquip is] always willing to work on applications or special designs for unique process requirements,” explained Aaron Shaver, a senior processing engineer at APT.

While APT’s clients don’t interact with Enerquip directly, the attention and ability to customize equipment to their needs goes a long way. Enerquip has a team of in-house engineers who understand how to cater a shell and tube heat exchanger to unique applications, and know how important staying in line with industry regulations is. The company also has the manufacturing space to make each piece of equipment in-house, ensuring it is being built according to APT’s specific requirements.

One example can be found in the ACV. An integral part of the ACV is its ability to keep a consistent temperature during the cooking steps. The system has a large surface area, which contributes to the effectiveness of this process. Using either water or steam as a heat-transfer medium, the shell and tube heat exchanger allows for the temperature to be held steady throughout this process.

Sometimes an application requires a shell and tube heat exchanger design for direct product contact, where product velocity, pressure drop and tube diameter are all critical to the efficient and effective heating or cooling of a product. Enerquip application engineers work with APT engineers to achieve high efficiency custom designs that can handle high viscosity and pressure, and large particles to meet a particular process requirement. Enerquip’s ability to produce 3-A approved, fully-inspectable designs has served APT well in satisfying customers’ needs for custom equipment.

Enerquip’s equipment can also be tailored to meet a variety of different standards, including classes B, C and R under regulations set by the TEMA; 3-A guidelines; ANSI codes; PED; and MOM. Shell and tube heat exchangers can also be given a Canadian Registration Number for those companies that operate in Canada. Enerquip has access to a variety of stainless steel alloys to customize the equipment to APT’s needs. Stainless steel has a long lifespan, and is easy to clean. Specialty alloys allow for higher temperatures and chemical concentrations and are less likely to corrode.

Shell and tube heat exchanger diameters can be as small as two inches or as big as four feet. Operating pressures can be adjusted to as high as 3,000 pounds per square inch, while many of the exchangers Enerquip makes operate at around 150 pounds per square inch. It’s important to be able to customize the pressure and size of the exchangers to be integrated into the pasteurizing and cheesemaking systems APT creates.

Clear, consistent communication

Enequip’s ability to customize equipment to the unique needs of APT’s clients is crucial, but it’s not the only reason APT values Enerquip’s services. Shaver explained Enerquip is also excellent at communicating with APT about any equipment the company is interested in, and always ready to answer any questions APT has.

“They provide information in a timely fashion,” Shaver said. “[Enerquip is] very responsive and knowledgeable about their products to the point where they don’t have to go back internally to answer our questions.”

This accessibility has proven to be very valuable to APT. Enerquip is always able to respond to APT’s questions or proposals within 24 hours. This contributes to APT’s ability to get information and system designs to its clients quickly and efficiently. Communication is also important when manufacturing a unique system with specific needs for a client.

Shaver noted one of the best parts of working with Enerquip is that the company is always happy to address particular or uncommon needs and requirements for APT’s clients. This couldn’t be done efficiently or within a reasonable timeframe without Enerquip’s willingness to work directly with APT on these projects.

All in all, Enerquip’s shell and tube heat exchangers are just one facet within the complex systems APT produces and sells. However, Shaver says, “they’re a tremendous benefit to us.”

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