AISC Membership: What It Means & Why It Matters

When searching for an industrial heating equipment provider, there are dozens of codes, standards, certifications, accreditations, and memberships you’ll likely come across. With so many out there, it can sometimes be challenging to know which are truly symbols of trust and reliability. 

Here, we’re taking a closer look at our affiliation with the AISC to help clients and potential customers understand what it means and why it matters when it comes to choosing a heating equipment provider. 

What is the AISC?

AISC stands for the American Institute of Steel Construction. Founded in 1921, the AISC is currently made up of more than 35,000 members within the structural steel industry, including fabricators, service centers, steel producers, engineers, architects, developers and product suppliers.

The AISC works with its members to increase the domestic use of structural steel manufactured in the USA. They also lead the steel industry in terms of developing and maintaining the various codes, standards, and specifications that govern the structural steel industry in the US and beyond.

What is AISC Membership?

While the AISC does have certification programs that establish quality standards and regulations for the structural steel industry, these programs are intended for businesses that manufacture structural steel. 

Since we are part of the structural steel industry in that we utilize steel in our manufacturing – but we don’t fabricate structural steel ourselves – American Heating Company participates in their organization as a member. 

Being a member of the AISC means that as a company, we actively support and participate in advancing the steel industry in the United States. Our membership shows that we stand with the other members of the American Institute of Steel Construction throughout the country in why and how we use structural steel. 

Why Does AISC Membership Matter?

AISC membership shows that we are dedicated to innovating alongside others in the structural steel industry, both those who fabricate steel and other members who utilize and advocate for USA-made steel. 

Our membership also highlights our alignment with the vision, quality standards, and specifications established by the AISC, which helps us to develop and produce high quality, durable industrial heating equipment for our clients and customers in various industries and in dozens of locations throughout the world.

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We are proud to build equipment that meets key industry standards, and to be affiliated with and accredited by numerous industry organizations that govern and oversee quality in the products we produce and the materials we utilize.

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