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Floating Tubesheet Style Straight Tube Exchangers – Advantages and Types

A replacement floating tubesheet bundle for a refinery customer, upgraded to stainless steel.Inspecting and maintaining shell and tube heat exchangers is important to ensure that they work efficiently and safely, and to prevent costly downtime from plugged tubes or leaks.  In situations where disassembly is preferred to inspect and clean all the parts of the exchanger, plant operators often opt for a floating tubesheet style heat exchanger. A floating tubesheet...

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Enerquip’s Scott Babich

Scott Babich - Enerquip's Shipping Coordinator Personal Facts I have a wife (Beth) and three kids (Landon 9, Norah 5, Sullivan 2).  Each summer we go on a family trip (Minnesota Zoo / Wisconsin Dells) and as the kids get older, we may venture further.  Beth and I enjoy going to Las Vegas each year as well.  In my spare time, I like to golf or play cards when I can. Work Topics What is something you do in your day-to-day work that others may not know or...

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Enerquip’s Lonnie Marcott

Enerquip Welder - Lonnie Marcott Personal Facts I have a wife and four daughters ages 12-16. We all enjoy fishing, water sports and camping throughout the summer. My wife and I love to ride motorcycle as well. Come fall, I have all the girls wanting to be out in the woods enjoying hunting and spending quality time together. Work Topics What led you to a career in manufacturing?  My curiosity was peaked as to finding out how specific products were made and...

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Enerquip’s Dustin Freeman

Dustin Freeman - Enerquip's Waterjet Operator Personal Facts I’m married with one daughter. Have one dog and one cat.  I am an avid bow hunter, I go out of state every year to hunt deer.  I enjoy anything outdoors.  Baseball is my favorite sport. Work Topics What led you to a career in manufacturing?  Went to school for land surveying and found out that CAD designing and laying out parcels was pretty fun and started my career with IAP for mechanical design...

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Enerquip’s Vern Anderson

Enerquip's Inspector/Receiver - Vern Anderson Vern Anderson: Inspector / Receiver What led you to a career in manufacturing? My dad worked in Heat Exchanger manufacturing. What would you say to others who may be interested in a career in manufacturing? It is very rewarding working with my co-workers on a day-to-day basis. Share a "fun fact" about what you do here at Enerquip. I keep things moving! Whether it’s receiving in material or doing travelers,...

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Expansion Joints and Demystifying the Four Most Common Questions

If this temperature change occurs rapidly, or if the temperature variations are large enough, and if there is no allowance for this expansion and contraction, materials in the exchanger could be stressed to the point of failing.Bellows style expansion joints are composed of a series of accordion style convolutions that expand and contract slightly.Flanged and flued expansion joints are more robust and allow for a high point vent and low point drain to be installed.Heat exchangers with...

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Enerquip Partners with CPI Sales, Inc.

. . Enerquip, a Wisconsin company that specializes in a wide variety of shell and tube heat exchangers, recently added CPI Sales, Inc. to its team of Distributors and Manufacturer’s representatives to meet its plans for continued growth.  Enerquip has been one of the leading providers of heating and cooling equipment for production plants and the OEM’s and system integrators that support them. The company designs and crafts stainless steel and high alloy shell...

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Ramping Up Production of Hygiene-Related Products

Enerquip is proud to serve the personal care industry as an essential infrastructure supplier.Enerquip’s shell and tube heat exchangers have several advantages over other types of heat exchangers for sanitary product heating and cooling.Ramping up production of hygiene-related products has been a necessity during this time of pandemic. As the COVID-19 emergency continues to affect us all, the increased demand for hygiene-related products, such as hand sanitizer...

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