Benefits of Investing in New Industrial Heating Equipment (and How Used Equipment Can Be A Disaster For Your Facility)

At American Heating Company, we exclusively sell new industrial heating equipment and systems – and for good reason.

In our 30+ years in the industrial heating industry, we’ve seen some disastrous results occur after customers invested in used equipment for their facilities. As a result, we are huge advocates of investing in new industrial heating equipment whenever possible.

In the market for industrial heating equipment for your facility and weighing the options between new and used? Here are some of the key reasons we suggest avoiding used and opting for new industrial heating equipment.

Why You Should Buy New Industrial Heating Equipment For Your Facility

New industrial heating systems provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • Reliability
  • Longevity
  • Up to date technology

You can more read about these – and other – benefits of new industrial heating equipment here.

Another benefit of new industrial heating equipment is that it can help your facility avoid the following issues that often accompany used systems.

Four Disastrous Impacts of Used Heating Equipment

1. Existing Issues

As with any used product, used heating equipment can come with inherent issues. These existing issues may not be obvious as you’re making the purchase. (In fact, they likely won’t be, as the buyer likely doesn’t want you to know about them.)

But these issues can come into the light soon after you’ve installed the equipment and started running it, meaning you’ll need to pause facility operations to make repairs immediately. If your plant had already been at a halt as you shopped for and purchased this new-to-you piece of equipment, this second halt in operations could be devastating for your business.

2. Impending Repairs

Existing issues may become evident right away, but they aren’t the only issues that will likely crop up with a used piece of equipment. When you purchase a used piece of industrial heating equipment, it’s only a matter of time before something big breaks on it.

Even if you get the equipment up and running to start with, chances are you have a shorter timeline before your first sizeable repair than you would if you had purchased a new piece of equipment. The initial cost of purchasing the heater combined with the cost of handling a large scale repair could exceed what it would have cost you to simply invest in a new piece of equipment in the first place.

3. Downtime and Lost Productivity

Handling repairs takes time. If your facility relies on the used piece of equipment you purchased, your operations will likely come to a halt until repairs are completed and the equipment is back up and running.

It is not uncommon for this downtime to cost a facility more than the heater itself cost – an important thing to keep in mind as you’re contemplating the price differences between new and used industrial heating equipment.

4. Increased Expenses

While a used heater or industrial heating system component may cost less up front, in the long run it could be more expensive than a piece of new industrial heating equipment. Here’s why:

When the used piece of equipment inevitably breaks, your facility could lose days of productivity (and revenue) while you wait for the system component to be fixed. Additionally, you’ll incur the expense of man hours at your facility spent trying to find the right person to handle the repairs. Purchasing the products and parts needed to complete the repair is yet another cost you’ll incur. If it’s a helical coil thermal fluid heater you’re repairing and the coil needs to be replaced, it may cost you about 75% of the cost of the entire heater for a new coil – not to mention the labor costs that will go into handling such an extensive repair.

If you’re considering a used piece of equipment to cut costs, you may want to think again.

Avoid Facility Disasters: Purchase New Industrial Heating Equipment

While it may be the right choice for some facilities to invest in used equipment in certain situations, we recommend purchasing in new industrial heating equipment whenever possible in order to avoid disasters like those described above.

In the market for new, high quality industrial heating equipment? Turn to the experts at American Heating Company.

With more than 30 years in the industry, we’ve earned our reputation as a provider of reliable new industrial heating equipment by serving customers in a variety of industries throughout the US and beyond. Our thermal fluid heaters, steam generators, waste heat economizers, heat exchangers, and complete industrial heating systems are competitively priced, built to last, and customized to suit the unique specifications of your facility.

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