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Heat Exchanger Material Selection based on Common Criteria

Determine your application's most critical criteria when choosing the material for your heat exchanger.With so many factors to consider in choosing a material for your shell and tube heat exchanger, you may have a lot of questions. To start, you’ll need to decide which criteria are most critical to your operation. Criteria like thermal efficiency, cost, availability, corrosion resistance, cleanability and durability. You can then weigh the pros and cons of the...

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Helical Coil Thermal Fluid Heaters from Enerquip [Video]

Enerquip Helical Coil Heater Skid The Enerquip helical coil skid is a complete system, which includes a high-efficiency burner, recirculating pump, control panel, safety alarms, burner shell, range fly, and exhaust stack. Low NOx burners are also available for required applications. With some simple wiring and attachment of the gas supply, it’s ready for production. Made in the USA Made right here in the USA, our ASME code stamped systems are fabricated by our...

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Engineering & Fabrication Advancements [Video]

Enerquip Thermal Solutions Enerquip Thermal Solutions is the joining of Enerquip and the former American Heating Company. This union of manufacturing leaders, has provided customers with a variety of product advancements and process enhancements. Watch the video to learn more.  New Website is Coming Enerquip will be rolling out a new website late summer of 2022. It will be a merger of both and Planned for an August roll-out,...

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Biofuel Blending Solutions from Enerquip [Video]

From ethanol to biodiesel to landfill gas, Enerquip’s thermal solutions play a key role in the production process of facilities across the county and the world. Our tank heating solutions including tank coils, bayonet heaters, heat exchangers, and more, are built with longevity and durability in mind. As part of the green initiatives across the country, we’re seeing more and more states moving toward biofuel blending. There’s now a larger need for equipment...

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Tank Heating Coils Solutions [Video]

As a key component of thermal fluid heating systems, tank heating coils play a crucial role in the heating and maintenance of large quantities of material. With the use of seamless pipe and solid helically wound fins, Enerquip’s carbon and 316L stainless steel tank coils are built for peak performance. Watch to learn more from our tank coil expert, Ron Herman.

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24th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference and Trade Show – NISTM

Connect with Enerquip / American Heating at the 24th Annual NISTM Conference & Trade Show!Enerquip / American Heating will be exhibiting at NISTM’s 24th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando, FL. After missing it last year due to COVID concerns, we’re excited to reconnect! The event is a terrific opportunity for those in the storage tank industry to learn and connect with others...

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Cheese Expo 2022

Connect with Enerquip at CheeseExpo 2022!Enerquip is excited to, once again, attend the CheeseExpo. In 2022, CheeseExpo is set for April 13–15 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is North America’s largest cheese, butter, and whey processing expo, co-hosted by Center for Dairy Research and Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association. CheeseExpo is a gathering of more than 4,000 industry leaders, suppliers, marketers and more. The expo features impactful seminars, lively...

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Frey Joins Enerquip’s Sales Engineering Team

Nathan Frey, Enerquip Sales EngineerEnerquip is excited to announce the addition of Nathan Frey to its quality Sales Engineering team. As a Sales Engineer, Frey will be a main point of contact for customers seeking industrial heating equipment including thermal fluid heaters, tank heating coils, economizers, and more. Enerquip’s skilled team of Sales Engineers perform thermal calculations, product design, and ongoing project management.  “Enerquip is fortunate...

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Double Tubesheet Design: Importance and Applications

Enerquip heat exchanger with a double tubesheet design.Shell and tube heat exchangers are one of the most popular types of heat exchangers used in industries today due to their efficiency in adjusting the temperature of substances. They are versatile in that they can handle different materials, they are easy to clean, and come in a variety of sizes and applications. A shell and tube heat exchanger uses a cylindrical shell with bundles of tubes in its interior....

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3 Steps to Safely & Effectively Open an Enerquip Bundle

At Enerquip, we aim to deliver a quality product, every time. We do our best to ensure secure packaging so our product arrives to you unharmed. Our Crating Specialist Chad is going to show you the simple steps to open an Enerquip bundle without damaging the unit. Looking for more helpful tips? Check out our other resources including whitepapers, articles and videos.

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