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Coolers & Chillers

in the Cannabis Industry

Following the separation of solvents from the product, the organic vapors are sent to a condenser to recover them for re-use.  The product also needs to be cooled down before it can be tested and packaged for distribution.  A shell and tube cooler works well for this process.

The product can be fed through the tube side of the exchanger, which is sanitary and typically has at least a food-grade surface finish.  The cooling utility is fed through the shell of the exchanger and is directed back and forth across the tubes by utilizing baffles, wiping away the heat from the product running inside of the tubes.  This occurs safely without any mixing of the product in the tubes and the utility fluids in the shell.  The sanitary stainless steel design of the shell and tube cooler also makes it easier to clean and inspect than coil type coolers or plate and frame coolers.

Typically the cooling utility is chilled water, a water and glycol mix, or thermal oil provided in a closed loop system from a refrigeration glycol chiller.  These chiller units typically have user friendly controls that allow you to set a temperature point for the coolant, that is consistent with the design of the shell and tube exchanger.  Your shell and tube exchanger designer should be able to calculate how much coolant is needed, and help determine an optimal inlet temperature for your glycol chiller, allowing for a typical 10F rise in the coolant temperature.


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