Enerquip Gives Time & Talent to Rib Lake

As a service to the community, Enerquip recently donated welding time to Rib Lake Fish and Game Association. The organization provided Enerquip with the materials to fabricate a new aeration system for the east shore of Rib Lake. Then Enerquip’s talented Welders Travis Frost (right) and Lonnie Marcott (left) used their talents to build the stainless-steel structure.

Lake aeration adds oxygen to the water, which reduces algae growth and discourages water-breeding insects such as mosquitoes. It also reduces odor problems often associated with stagnant water.

Rib Lake Fish and Game Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1945. Their mission is to stock and protect Taylor County lakes so fishing and water activities are available to future generations. The organization’s many activities include stocking lakes, building docks, providing scholarships, and participating in youth activities.

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