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Ethanol Coolers

in the Cannabis Industry

Cooling ethanol used in oil extraction down to well below 0 degrees is typical, and can be accomplished easily with the use of a shell and tube heat exchanger.  The ethanol is run through the sanitary tube side of the exchanger.  Coolers can be designed as single pass or multi-pass units, with removable bonnets that allow for inspection and cleaning of the tubes and other product contact surfaces.  They can also be designed as U-tube exchangers with removable tube bundles.  The cooling medium, which can be thermal oil or liquid nitrogen, is then run through the shell side of the cooler.

Shell and tube coolers are safe, efficient, and can be designed for much higher pressures and temperatures than other heat exchanger types. When stainless steel coolers are built to ASME pressure vessel code and TEMA guidelines for best fabrication processes, these coolers can handle design pressures up to 3000 psig and temperatures from cryogenic up to 1000F.

Shell and tube ethanol coolers can be scaled up from compact pilot scale models for small batch and R&D efforts.  Mid-sized demonstration scale, and larger commercial scale coolers can be designed to handle nearly any volume required.  Insulation jackets for heat conservation and personnel protection can also be added for safety and greater efficiency.


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