How Long Will A Industrial Thermal Fluid Heater Last? Addressing Thermal Fluid Heater Life Expectancy

If you’re like most plant managers, any time you make a sizable investment in a piece of equipment for your facility you inquire as to how long the piece of equipment you are purchasing will last. No matter what industry you work in, it’s important that you know what to expect when it comes to the return on your investment.

In most cases, the equipment provider can give you a ballpark range for the life expectancy of the piece of machinery you are purchasing. Unfortunately, there’s often no way to know exactly how long a piece of equipment will last.

At Enerquip, we too may not be able to predict exactly how long your thermal fluid heating equipment will last, but we can provide a couple of important details regarding the life expectancy of industrial heaters built by Enerquip. First, various factors will impact your thermal fluid heater’s lifespan – and we’re not afraid to tell you what those factors are. Second, thermal fluid heating equipment from Enerquip will likely last longer than thermal fluid heaters you purchase from other manufacturers.

Want to learn more about what to expect when it comes to preserving your thermal fluid heater’s life expectancy? Let’s delve deeper.

Factors That Influence How Long Your Thermal Fluid Heater Will Last

No matter where you purchase your industrial thermal fluid heating equipment, there are a number of factors that will influence the lifespan of your heater. Here are some key factors you should consider:


Routine maintenance makes a huge difference when it comes to ensuring that your thermal fluid heating equipment lasts as long as possible. From catching and rectifying problems early to performing routine tune ups to ensure all components are running smoothly, proper maintenance can add years to your heater’s life expectancy.

Learn more about thermal fluid heater maintenance.


Handling repairs in a timely manner and ensuring that they are completed by well qualified and experienced specialists can add years to the life expectancy for your thermal heating equipment. Having malfunctions fixed promptly and fixed correctly the first time can reduce extra wear and tear and help to keep your equipment operating at full capacity.

Find out how stocking spare thermal fluid heater parts can benefit you when repairs are necessary.


Is your thermal fluid heater running 24/7, or is it only used periodically? Is it operating at full capacity at all times, or is its routine usage a bit less strenuous? Like other appliances and pieces of machinery, usage is an influential factor when calculating the lifespan of a thermal fluid heater.


Thermal fluid heating equipment is used in a variety of industries. Not surprisingly, the life expectancy of a thermal fluid heater can be influenced by the industry in which it’s being used. What the equipment is being used for and how intensive the work is will impact how long your industrial heating equipment will last.

Get the details about the various industry applications for thermal fluid heaters.

Other System Components

Are you utilizing high quality heat transfer fluid? Is your thermal fluid heating system entirely new or are some components a bit outdated and operating less than efficiently? Believe it or not, your thermal fluid heater’s lifespan can be impacted by the components it is operating in conjunction with. Keep this in mind if you’re pondering whether to replace or repair your existing industrial heating system.

Why Enerquip’s Industrial Thermal Fluid Heaters Last Longer Than Those From Other Manufacturers

Though all these factors do exist and do impact the lifespan for your industrial heating equipment, we can still confidently say that our thermal fluid heaters outperform other manufacturers’ in terms of life expectancy. Why?

Because of how we build our thermal fluid heaters. Our innovative serpentine coil design offers a number of benefits when it comes to heater longevity that other industrial thermal fluid heater manufacturers just can’t compete with. In addition, we build our heaters with high quality materials right here in the USA and adhere to rigorous standards, such as ASME compliance.

As a result, our thermal fluid heaters last for decades, many still operating at full capacity 20 to 30 years after installation. In fact, some are still operating 15-20 years later with the same initial fill of fluid!

Get more details and specifics about why our thermal fluid heaters last longer than others on the market.

Invest in a Thermal Fluid Heater You Can Rely on For a Long Time

If you’re in the market for new industrial heating equipment for your facility and you want to be sure you’re investing in a heater that’s going to provide the most return on your investment, we’re the people you want to talk to.

With more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing industrial heating solutions, we know what it takes to build equipment that lasts. We’d be happy to provide you and your facility with a thermal fluid heater that surpasses your expectations.

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