Food & Dairy Heat Exchangers

Trust a Leading Supplier of Sanitary Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Top producers of food, beverage and dairy products put their faith in Enerquip, a leading provider of sanitary stainless steel shell and tube heat exchangers, for their critical heating and cooling needs.

With over 40 years of experience, Enerquip’s resourceful team can provide you with sizing and design selection assistance.

Enerquip’s skilled sales engineers use state-of-the-art modeling software to recommend the right heat exchanger for each heating or cooling application. Your end result will be a high quality, sanitary heat exchanger.

Heat Sensitive Products Require Custom Heat Exchanger Solutions

Heat plays a critical role in the food and dairy industries, affecting both food quality and taste. Enerquip’s experts can help you find the right exchanger for your heat-sensitive products. Our team knows which products require greater care and the best way to heat those products to avoid burning or crystallization, without jeopardizing taste and consistency.

When working with heat sensitive products, it’s important that your exchanger is sized properly for your system and application requirements. Food and dairy products require heat treatment for several reasons including inactivating bacteria and prolonging shelf life. In this process, heat transfer must be rapid in order to be effective.

In order to avoid damage to the taste and nutritional value of food during that rapid process, our sales engineers and design experts can help you customize your exchanger to the specific size your product requires, rather than purchasing by surface area alone.

Leading Supplier of Sanitary Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Enerquip is a leading supplier of sanitary stainless steel shell and tube heat exchangers, providing solutions for applications with the toughest operating and regulatory requirements. That’s why leading Clean-in-Place (CIP) suppliers in the United States have standardized on Enerquip’s heat exchangers for the cleaning systems due to our quality and ability to consistently meet their sanitary requirements and delivery expectations.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger for dairy

Food and Dairy Applications for Enerquip’s
Sanitary Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Product Heating & Cooling

Enerquip’s heat exchangers are used in thermal systems for many heating and cooling applications in the food and dairy industry. This includes the processing of liquids, creams, and yogurts, warming of syrups, melting of chocolate, production of whey protein concentrate as well as many other processes. Pasteurization in the food and dairy industry …


Clean-In-Place Heaters

One of the most critical steps of food and dairy processing is the cleaning and sanitization of the processing plant. Proper cleaning and sanitization is essential to ensure the health and safety of manufacturers and consumers. One of the preferred equipment cleaning strategies in the industry is the …



Food processing often uses a lot of water and creates a lot of steam during cooking processes. Enerquip is a leading brand of shell and tube heat exchangers used as steam condensers. During this vapor recovery, steam enters the heat exchanger shell through the top vapor opening and surrounds the outside of the tubes.


3A Dairy Product Heaters & Coolers

To certify that all products are high-quality, fabricators of equipment for the dairy industry adhere to 3A standards. Created in the 1920s, 3A standards were developed to ensure that all machinery that came in contact with milk and milk-based products was created in a sanitary environment. Under the FDA …


Enerquip Exchanger Offerings for the Food & Dairy Markets


Off-The-Shelf Sanitary Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

When you need an exchanger in a hurry, we can use our state-of-the-art thermal modeling software to determine if your application will work in one of our six off-the-shelf sizes available for immediate delivery.


Custom Sanitary Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Enerquip’s design experts and engineers have experience in custom heat exchanger design in a wide variety of industries. When our off-the-shelf heat exchangers won’t work for you, you can count on Enerquip to bring you an optimal heat exchanger for your application with the fastest lead times in the industry.



Enerquip’s in-house machining centers and tube bending abilities give us the ability to not only build replacement tube bundles for our own exchangers, but the ability to build them for our competitor’s units as well – often in less time than they can!


Commercial Grade Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Our commercial grade, non-sanitary heat exchangers are designed and manufactured to TEMA guidelines. They are made of all SS materials and suitable for non-product applications such as utility heating and cooling, thermal oils, tank jacket heating and cooling, waste stream cooling and more.


Compact Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Enerquip’s line of miniature heat exchangers are suitable for pilot scale projects, small batch products, and point of use applications.