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The Experts in Pharmaceutical Heat Exchangers

Enerquip is proud to be a leading supplier to the pharmaceutical industry, and understands that our high quality and attention to detail help our customers in their mission to cure illnesses and save lives.  We take our role in this process seriously, demonstrated by the highest level of craftsmanship, rigorous in-process inspections and testing and full traceability of our materials.

Our experts have the knowledge and experience to design your pharmaceutical grade heat exchangers to ensure efficient heat exchange, while increasing productivity, minimizing production costs, and keeping compliance in your industry.

Our engineers participate in ASME-BPE committee meetings to ensure that our talented craftsmen are leading the industry in hygienic design and fabrication. Our cGMP’s and strict tolerances lower the risk of contamination and provide peace-of-mind to our customers.

Enerquip exchangers are fabricated with multiple measures to ensure proper hygienic design and production. All of our pharma grade exchangers are made with double tubesheets to prevent cross-contamination of process fluids between the shell and tubes. The gap between the tubesheets helps to minimize stress on the tube to tubesheet expansions, allows for leak detection, and meets TEMA standards for radial thermal expansion.

During fabrication, we roller expand the tubes into double-grooved tubesheets, seal weld the tubes in place, and polish the tubesheet surface to the specified finish, enhancing stability and contamination prevention.

Enerquip’s return pockets and weep slots are fully radiused and polished to enhance cleanability and drainability. Our expert designers have designed our O-Ring to allow exposure to cleaning fluids, whereas many manufacturers install O-Rings in separate grooves that cannot be easily cleaned.

Our exchangers are pitched to encourage gravity draining of both sides of the unit, and the incorporation of weep slots in pass partitions helps to facilitate draining of fluids. Due to surface tension in highly polished tubes, air or heat may be required to fully drain exchangers.

Enerquip polishes the exterior of our exchangers and insulation jackets to 40Ra, giving your equipment not only a more sanitary look and feel, but also enhancing its cleanability. Our in-house electropolishing capabilities ensure your equipment gets the best surface finish available, while allowing us to control cost, quality and lead-time. Our in-house passivation capabilities also ensure your equipment is clean, degreased and more passive to corrosion, and ready for installation when it arrives on site.

When customers request insulation for their exchangers, Enerquip uses a Thermalux moisture barrier, covered with non-asbestos, chloride free Inswool ceramic insulation material. Our polished schedule 10 pipe jackets are fully welded and robust and are polished to beautiful 40Ra finish. Nozzle covers can be either tack welded stainless sheet or PipeTite boots.

Pharmaceutical Exchanger Solutions

  • icon-waterheater

    WFI Heating and Cooling

    Uncompromised Water for Injection (WFI) Heating and Cooling is vital to maintaining the quality and purity of pharmaceutical products. Essential for the safe and effective operation of the manufacturing plant, our experts can ensure your company has the right equipment for sanitary WFI.

    In the pharmaceutical industry, water for Injection is a sterile, non-pyrogenic distilled water used for the preparation of products typically to be used intravenously or by injection, and for the cleaning of those product-contact components. Once processed, water for injection must meet all of the chemical requirements for purified water as well as bacterial endotoxin specifications.

  • icon-cip-heaters

    CIP Heaters

    To meet the necessary sanitation requirements, pharmaceutical companies will often employ CIP systems in their plant. The purpose of a CIP (Clean-In-Place) system is to remove product residues and microorganisms from inside tanks, pipes, vessels, and process equipment without requiring disassembly.

    In pharma grade industries, cleaning and sanitation must be performed at appropriate intervals to prevent fouling, reactions, and cross contamination of different elements.

  • icon-condenser

    Vapor Condensers

    Vapor condensers in the pharmaceutical industry are often used with their reactors to capture moisture that is unsafe for the atmosphere. When reactions take place in pharmaceutical batch products and organics are boiled off, the vapor must be condensed to avoid unsafe venting. This condensed vapor can often be repurposed for a future batch of product.

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    Product Heaters and Coolers

    Pharmaceutical processing facilities achieve uniform product blending largely due to consistent and accurate product temperature throughout blending operations. Enerquip’s shell and tube exchangers offer high heat transfer efficiency with both large and small batch products, providing consistency in pharmaceutical product heating and cooling.

Enerquip Pharmaceutical Experience Video

Enerquip Exchanger Offerings for the Pharmaceutical Market

  • Enerquip's highly polished, double tubesheet exchangers are manufactured with seamless tubes and hygienic design. The passivated and often electro-polished layer surface makes Enerquip's exchangers suitable for all regulated products whether ingested, injected or applied to the body.
  • Enerquip's standard, sanitary-grade exchangers with 316L SS tube side materials and 304L SS shell side materials are suitable for food grade products and non-regulated products.
  • Enerquip's stainless steel non-sanitary exchangers are fitting for non-product applications such as utility heating and cooling, thermal oils, tank jacket heating and cooling, and waste stream cooling.
  • Enerquip's line of miniature exchangers are the perfect suit for pilot scale projects, small batch applications, and point of use applications.

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Enerquip's Exchangers in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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