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Oil Coolers & Heaters in the

Commercial HVAC Industry

Nearly every industry with fluid processes rely on oil heaters and coolers for production. Enerquip’s experienced sales engineers have worked with a wide variety of thermal fluids, brines, and lubricants and can assist you in selecting the perfect shell and tube exchanger for your application.

Where boiler steam or hot gases can’t be used to heat product directly, oil heaters act as the intermediary source of utility heat. Heat transfer oil typically enters the heater through the shell side of the heat exchanger. Heat from the burner gas or steam passing through through the tubes radiates into the thermal fluid circulating around the tubes in the shell. The hot oil can then be used to safely heat product, by being circulated through another heat exchanger or tank jacket.

Used in a variety of industries from chemical plants to water treatment systems, oil heaters (and coolers) are imperative for many industrial applications.

Shell and tube oil coolers are designed to efficiently reduce the high fluid temperatures encountered in today’s machines. Many industries rely on shell and tube oil coolers, including pulp & paper converting, mining, and industrial refrigeration systems. We frequently design oil coolers for customers needing a closed loop chiller system, where thermal oil is cooled down using a refrigerant, and then used in the shell of an exchanger to cool product flowing through the tubes.

We’ve also helped customers cool hydraulic oil on everything from plastic injection molding machines, to pump skids to US Navy ships.


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