Ramping Up Production of Hygiene-Related Products

Enerquip is proud to serve the personal care industry as an essential infrastructure supplier.

The escalation of hygiene-related product production has become an imperative since the outbreak of the pandemic. As COVID-19 affected the entire populace, the surging demand for hygiene essentials like hand sanitizer and soap consistently outstrips the available supply.

In response to this public health crisis, the Personal Care industry has embarked on a multifaceted approach, as outlined by the Personal Care Council. One of their strategies involves retooling their facilities to bolster the manufacturing of hand sanitizers and other indispensable cleaning and hygiene goods. These corporations possess the capability to deliver safe, essential products that combat the propagation of the coronavirus. For their unwavering commitment to this endeavor, Enerquip extends its heartfelt gratitude.

Enerquip’s Role in the Personal Care Industry

Enerquip takes immense pride in its role as a critical infrastructure provider to the personal care industry. We relish the opportunity to collaborate with companies right from the outset as they adapt their production lines. Our specialization lies in the prompt design of sanitary heat exchangers tailored for the creation of novel personal care items. Together, we assume a pivotal role in ensuring the hygienic processing of these products. Together, our collective strength is unmatched.

Enerquip’s shell and tube heat exchangers offer several key advantages for sanitary product heating and cooling:

Diverse Material Options: Designed with stainless steel with surfaces polished to low Ra finishes, which makes the surfaces resistant to product build-up and easier to clean.

Exceptional Viscosity Handling: Able to process products that are more viscous than many other types of exchangers.

Enhanced Visibility: Allow easier access to surfaces for visual verification (either directly or by using a borescope) of surface cleanliness than a spiral exchanger or plate and frame exchanger.

Extreme Temperature Operation: Operate safely at more extreme temperatures (hot or cold) than other designs and can be designed to work under vacuum or high-pressure conditions.

Enerquip’s shell and tube heat exchangers can also be designed in a variety of configurations. Click here to learn more or contact one of the Heat Exchanger Experts today!

Enerquip Heat Exchanger for Personal Care

Custom Enerquip Product Cooler for the Personal Care Industry

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