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Enerquip Launches QR code

Serial # - Equipment Part # & Description - Direct links to Website, Email & Phone #. We are excited to announce the launch of our new QR code feature on our heat exchangers. Thanks to the Enerquip experts, we have developed a code specific to your equipment. You can now quickly access the necessary information about your heat exchanger using your mobile device (Smart Phone and/or Tablet).   In today's world, almost everything seems to revolve around...

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Heat Exchanger Material Selection based on Common Criteria

Enerquip Stock of Tubesheet Blanks 316L Stainless – Polished to 20 Ra finish for cleanability. With so many material options available, how do you select the most appropriate shell and tube heat exchanger material? Most fabricators can help you with suggestions, but most won’t give a definitive recommendation due to potential liability. Since you are responsible for operating the exchanger, and are most familiar with your process, the burden will most likely...

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Cannabis and Hemp Processing Equipment Standards

The 3-A Sanitary Standard requires food grade surfaces to have a 32Ra finish or better. Pharmaceutical standards may require an even better finish.The ASME Code ensures vessel safety by requiring pressure testing at 1.3X the design pressure, which is typically much higher than the actual operating pressure. It is important to understand the standards and code requirements that apply to processing equipment. This can be confusing in a high growth market like...

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Process Cooling: The Salsa Cooling Challenge

A custom heat exchanger design allows a salsa manufacturer to effectively complete process cooling. Enerquip Salsa Cooler. A custom heat exchanger design allows a salsa manufacturer to effectively complete process cooling of the product and expeditiously clean-in-place between batches and shifts. California-based Southwest Thermal Technology was approached by one of its OEM customers to provide a shell-and-tube cooler to chill a client’s salsa prior to...

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