Enerquip Impresses RW Baron With a

Timely and Professional Solution


Jason Kirsling, president of RW Baron Process Equipment, has been with his company for a dozen years. He knows his clients, their needs and all about the equipment in their facilities.

RW Baron is a distributor that supplies companies in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with process equipment like mixers, pumps, compressors, water treatment systems and heat exchangers. Many of his clients are in the food and beverage, power generation, or paper and pulp industries and require specialized equipment so they can make high-quality products.

“The hunt is always on to find a quality manufacturer,” Kirsling explained. RW Baron only works with a small number of manufacturers – about 10 – so they can ensure they have a complete understanding of the products they sell to their clients.

“This is not a catalogue, or something you can just order off the internet,” he explained. “There’s a very in-depth sales process where we go into a plant [to see the issue] and take our knowledge with us and apply that.”

Kirsling and his team make a point to get to know the products they sell on a very granular level. This way, the team can confidently recommend a solution to their clients, and explain the benefits of the equipment RW Baron sells them.

“Other distributors sell on a commodity basis and might have hundreds of manufacturers they work with, but don’t know much about the products,” he said. “We take a different approach.”

Hunting Down the Ideal Manufacturer

When one of his clients, a paper mill in central Wisconsin, came to him in need of heat transfer equipment in early 2017, he knew he needed to branch out to new manufacturers.

The people he had worked with in the past had let him down one too many times, and he was ready to find a new company to build a relationship with. As he was pondering where to search for high-quality process equipment, he noticed that several of his clients turned to the same company for their heat exchange requirements: Enerquip.

Kirsling had heard Enerquip’s name more than a few times, and had seen the manufacturer’s equipment in many of his customers’ plants. They all had great things to say about the equipment they purchased from Enerquip. He thought to himself, ‘Why not give Enerquip a shot?’

He reached out to the company and explained what he was looking for. When Enerquip suggested a sound solution within 24 hours, Kirsling knew he had found a great company to work with.

“They want to know the problems and how they can optimize their equipment for you,” he said. “They want to engage in conversation.” He recalled that other manufacturers he had worked with in the past seemed almost inconvenienced that he was asking about their products to make sure they were a good fit for his customers. That wasn’t the case with Enerquip.

Kirsling appreciated this approach – it’s very similar to how he begins the sales process with his own customers. “You can just tell the person on the other line just wants to do business with you,” Kirsling said.


When Kirsling’s clients come to him with a problem, he understands that time is of the essence. No matter the industry, downtime isn’t ideal. Every workday that production is slowed down or at a stand-still has the potential to hurt the company.

Companies try their best to get operations back up and running as fast as possible to ensure minimal financial loss. “Our customers want an answer now,” he explained. “They want instant gratification.

A lot of customers are under a lot of pressure to get things turned around quickly because it does impact their bottom line.” Though timing is critical, in Kirsling’s experience, it’s hard for a manufacturer to deliver a proposal or the equipment itself in a timely manner. But Enerquip makes time efficiency a priority.

A Thoughtful, Detailed Approach

After discussing his client’s project, Kirsling and the Enerquip team determined that three shell and tube heat exchangers and one plate and frame exchanger would be best.

Enerquip’s engineers are very skilled in fabricating custom shell and tube heat exchangers, but plate and frame units aren’t on the menu. That didn’t stop them from delivering, though. Enerquip reached out to a trusted manufacturer that produces high-quality plate and frame exchangers.

This allowed them to deliver everything Kirsling needed all at once, and reduced the points of contact for Kirsling to manage. He appreciated not having to work with separate manufacturers and review multiple proposals. “It made it a seamless transaction,” he noted.

Kirsling was also impressed with Enerquip’s proposals themselves. They were incredibly thorough, including every detail he could ask for, and they were professionally presented in a PDF. To Kirsling, this was a breath of fresh air. “You wouldn’t believe how many proposals we see that are just free-form emails,” he recounted.

Many proposals he’s reviewed in the past included minimal detail, didn’t have any sort of template and were far from the professional presentation Enerquip supplied. He would have to reach back out to the manufacturer to ask multiple questions just to get the information he needed to give his customers.


Though this was only the first time Kirsling worked directly with Enerquip, the experience left him confident in their budding relationship. He was impressed by the company’s sales staff and the dedication they have to their jobs. “They have that excitement in their voice, almost like a passion,” he said. “You know they’re committed.”

Though Kirsling’s client hasn’t finished installing the equipment yet, he is confident they won’t have any issues. He’s seen Enerquip’s products in many of his other customers’ operations, and they always have high praise for the fabricator’s work. Word of mouth, in an industry like Kirsling’s, goes a long way. “I have no concerns about their equipment and what they’re putting out of their facility in Medford,” he said. Kirsling said he looks forward to continuing to develop and grow his relationship with Enerquip.