Snow Melt Pit Coils

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Heat Exchangers Used for Snow Melt Pit Coils

Enerquip supplies snow melters to many OEM’s that install ice skating rinks throughout North America. Our snow melt pit coils fit neatly down inside the trench where the zambonis drop the ice shavings after cleaning off the rinks.

A series of metal grates, attached to the baffles on the melter, protect the stainless steel tubes from damage when the snow gets dumped on them. Hot water or steam is used to circulate through the tubes, melting the snow, which is then carried off to a drain.

Because the snow pit size varies from rink to rink, these coils can be custom designed to fit the shape of the pit.

Our snow melt pit coils are made from 100% stainless steel, making them corrosion resistant and robust enough to hold up to any chemicals that may be in the municipal water.

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