Custom Fabrication

Process System OEM’s Rely on Enerquip for More Than Heat Exchangers

Process OEM’s Trust Enerquip Custom Fabrication

The experts at Enerquip can design and fabricate a wide variety of carbon steel and stainless steel process components for OEM systems. Our capacity for state-of-the-art, stainless steel fabrication services sets us apart from other competitors in the industry and makes us the best choice for your metal fabrication projects.

Enerquip is the leading provider of sanitary and pharma grade exchangers. To keep our customers’ projects safe from cross-contamination, we fabricate our stainless steel in Medford, WI, while our carbon work takes place in Beggs, OK.

If you’re looking to upgrade to stainless steel, you’ve come to the right place. With our decades of work in stainless steel, we’ve established a strong buying power that allows us to offer stainless steel components at a comparable and competitive price to carbon steel.

With the combination of our in-house CAD team, stainless steel buying power, vast industry experience, and our ASME quality system in place, you can be certain that Enerquip will meet your code requirements, industry standards, and schedule limitations.

We can assist OEM’s as an overflow supplier to build from your proprietary designs, or we can help you create custom equipment components to your specifications. Our certified welders and stringent quality control process ensures you get the best quality product every time. From engineering and design support, polishing and inspecting, to packaging and delivery, Enerquip is here to ensure your fabrication is exactly what you need, when you need it.

Examples of Our Work

    • Surge Tanks
    • Large Diameter Ductwork & Transitions
    • Columns
    • Vapor Separators
    • Condensate Tanks
    • Exhaust Stacks & Scrubbers
    • Membrane & Filter Housings
    • Pre-Fabricated Pipe Spools
    • Tank Spargers
    • Single Shell Tanks / Pressure Vessels
    • Distributor Plates
    • Pump Stands / Carts
    • Skid Frames and Hangers

Advantages of Enerquip Custom Fabrication

    • Our in-house CAD team is experienced in 2-D and 3-D design
    • ASME U and R code stamps – certified welders
    • In-house CNC machining center for faster turnaround of parts
    • Stringent quality control process
    • Experienced welders, fitters, assemblers, and finishers
    • Bead-blasting, electropolishing, passivation available
    • Proven project management processes keep your project on track
    • Complete inspection and hydro-testing (where applicable)
    • Preparation for shipment and reliable, on-time shipping to your plant or job site

Ready to get started? Speak with our experienced sales team or request a quote today. 

Enerquip OEM Custom Fab
Enerquip OEM Custom Fab
Enerquip custom fabrication