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Video Testimonial from Sani Matic

Video Testimonial from New Glarus Brewing

Written Testimonials

“Thank you.  Great work on the 2 units and excellent execution! I appreciate the communication throughout the entire order.”

David Loschiavo
Thermal Kinetics

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“Enerquip has been invaluable to the development of our products. Their engineers are professional, knowledgeable and really know their stuff.  By sitting in on a screen-sharing Zoom meeting, we saved many emails, phone calls and delays in the redesign of our heat exchangers for past and future products. The amount of headaches avoided have made us a customer for life!”
Ray V.

Thanks and you’re quite welcome.  You guys do excellent work and having Bob for support is great.  It works out great for us too.”

Bill Thompson
Ortec, Inc.

“It has been a great pleasure to work with you over the last 2 years.  Enerquip was far and away the best of many good suppliers that I had the pleasure of working with at BioFerm.”

Megan N.
BIOFerm™ Energy Systems

“I want you to know that our office has commented many times that you deliver the best customer service out of all of how vendors! We really enjoy working with you.”

Ted H.
Acuity Process Solutions, LLC

“Thank you again for working with us to get a good fit for this service, and for being flexible in the offerings to help with our unique application. I will say we have quickly reviewed, and are going to move forward with Enerquip.”
– Polaris Engineering
“I wanted to let you know that our heat exchanger system is working extremely well and I want to thank you for all the work and iterations to get it designed, built, and delivered. We’ve been using it for several weeks now with various oils, and today is the first full-scale run with avocado oil.”
– Tulkoff Food Products
“This was a great idea from your group to show us this high polish on the tube end welds. I think this will significantly reduce our odds of buildup on the tube sheets. This is an example one of the many reasons that Ortec partners with Enerquip to make our shell and tube heat exchangers and condensers. Having a partner like Enerquip with competitive prices, extremely high quality standards and people who want to understand our business and think about ways to help our processes is a big part of our success.”
– Ortec, Inc.
“They want to know the problems and how they can optimize their equipment for you. They want to engage in conversation.”
– RW Baron
“We often require more customized equipment. That’s why we turn to Enerquip. They have the engineering and manufacturing capabilities and facilities.”
“The units look great and the operators are excited to see them go in. We look forward to getting the manuals with the material documentation.”
– REG Services Group
“This company treats their customers as an important priority to their business. The communication is fantastic and they will meet or exceed their timeline in the manufacturing process.”
“They provide information in a timely fashion. [Enerquip is] very responsive and knowledgeable about their products to the point where they don’t have to go back internally to answer our questions.”
– Advanced Process Technologies
“Their knowledge base and design base [are] 100 percent.”
– OMNI Integrated Solutions