Steam Generator FAQs

Thinking about investing in a new steam generator for your facility? If you’re early on in the process of shopping for this new piece of equipment, you likely have some questions in mind that you’re mulling over. And we’ve got answers! 

As leaders and innovators in our industry, we know a lot about what it takes to build efficient, durable industrial heating equipment. Our products have been known to last for decades! 

In the market for a steam generator? Read on to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we hear about steam generators. 

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Steam Generators

How do steam generators compare with boilers?

Steam generators can meet a facility’s steam needs without the requirement of a boiler operator in most cases. This can contribute to a significant cost savings when compared to a boiler system, which often requires the presence of a licensed boiler operator that can cost a company six-figures each year.

Enerquip Steam Generator

Enerquip Steam Generator

Additionally, steam generators don’t require an emissions permit while most boilers do. Securing a permit can be a huge headache for facilities that rely on boilers, so avoiding that headache by choosing a steam generator instead can be hugely advantageous.

Steam generators also don’t have a burner, which means facility operators who choose steam generators over boilers can avoid the challenges of running gas lines, gas fuel trains, burners, the burner panel, and all the controls. 

Boiler burners require a lot of maintenance in comparison to steam generators, which operate using a simple and reliable valve that opens and closes when more or less steam is needed. With fewer moving parts, there are fewer complications and operational issues that can arise.

Overall, while steam generators and boilers serve similar functions, steam generators are a great alternative for those who need steam for their facility but do not want to invest in a large-scale boiler operation. Those can be very pricey and inconvenient for a variety of reasons, making steam generators the better option in most cases.

What are the main advantages of steam generators?

Thermal fluid steam generators offer a number of advantages over boiler systems. Some of these benefits include: 

1. Affordability: Steam generators are typically more affordable than boilers.

2. Efficiency: Steam generators heat up and operate more efficiently than some of their alternatives.

3. Safety: Steam generators don’t produce explosive gases or include a gas fuel train.

4. Minimal maintenance: Steam generators don’t include a burner, which would need to be serviced regularly. They also have fewer moving parts and operate more simply, which means less potential for operational issues that can slow your facility down.

5. Fewer permits: Steam generators don’t require a burner or stack permit. This is a big advantage, as securing these permits can be a huge headache.

6. Cost savings: Steam generators don’t require a boiler operator on site, saving your facility thousands of dollars a year since you won’t have to keep an additional professional on your payroll. 

You can read more about the key features and advantages of steam generators here.

What types of facilities use steam generators?

Steam generators can be used in a wide variety of applications throughout various industries. They are versatile pieces of equipment that can be used to create power to fuel many different industrial processes. As such, they are used in dozens of types of facilities, including:

Are steam generators and boilers the same thing? 

While they often serve very similar functions and can be used in the same or similar contexts, steam generators and boilers are not the same thing. 

As mentioned previously, in many contexts steam generators offer a number of advantages over boilers, including cost savings both up front and throughout the duration of operation. 

Are custom steam generators available? 

We understand that many facilities are looking for specific and unique solutions that resolve a problem, serve a particular purpose, or are compatible with the existing equipment set up. As a result, we take pride in creating customized industrial heating solutions for our clients and customers. 

Our steam generators can be custom built to meet the needs of your plant or facility. We’d be happy to work with you to design a steam generator solution that meets your specifications.

Your Steam Generator Questions Answered!

Our engineers are proud to build durable, reliable, and long-lasting heating equipment – and with 30+ years of experience doing so, our team has developed a breadth of knowledge that we’d be happy to put to work for your business! 

Have additional questions about steam generators? Think an Enerquip steam generator might be just what your facility needs to take your efficiency and productivity to the next level? Don’t hesitate to contact us today! 

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