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There is a growing trend among companies that produce personal and pet care products to adopt cGMP’s related to their process equipment. This became necessary as many of these companies were acquired by larger pharmaceutical companies, who already comply with more stringent design standards. Also, this change was driven by implementation of additional regulations on more products by the FDA and other governing bodies.

Enerquip has seen this trend evolve and has proactively guided many of our customers through the impact of these regulations on their shell and tube heat exchangers.

Customers who produce cosmetics, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and even pet care products historically requested non-sanitary process equipment including heat exchangers. Upgrading to higher quality sanitary stainless steel shell and tube heat exchangers has resulted in many benefits to our customers’ operations.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

The longer life span of our stainless exchangers reduces down-time for change-out of equipment. Stainless steel materials are corrosion resistant, with reduced maintenance time and cost, and no repainting is needed. Stainless surfaces are also more easily cleaned, either mechanically or by CIP systems.

Replaceable tube bundles in sanitary U-tubes allow shells and bonnets to be re-used, and bundles can be upgraded to higher alloys if needed. Regulatory officials prefer sanitary stainless steel equipment due to their sanitary design features and full traceability of the materials that make up the heat exchanger. This reduces the risk of compliance issues that could delay inspections and start-ups.

Double Tubesheet Heat Exchanger Design

Some customers are taking their standards to the next level, from sanitary to pharmaceutical grade, using heat exchangers with a double tubesheet design to minimize any risk of cross-contamination of their product by utility fluids. Seamless tubes are also preferred, and an improved surface finish on product contact surfaces enhances their cleanability.

Enerquip Product Offerings for Personal & Pet Care

Applications for the Personal & Pet Care Industry

Product Heating & Cooling

Personal care product processing facilities achieve uniform product blending largely due to consistent and accurate product temperature throughout blending operations. Enerquip’s shell and tube exchangers offer high heat transfer efficiency with both large and small batch products, providing consistency in product heating and cooling.


CIP Heaters

To meet the necessary sanitation requirements, personal care companies will often employ CIP systems in their plant. The purpose of a CIP (Clean-In-Place) system is to remove product residues and microorganisms from inside tanks, pipes, vessels, and process equipment without requiring disassembly.


Vapor Condensers

Vapor condensers in the personal care industry are often used with their reactors to capture moisture that is unsafe for the atmosphere. When reactions take place in batch products and organics are boiled off, the vapor must be condensed to avoid unsafe venting. This condensed vapor can often be repurposed for a future batch of product.


Pure Water Heating & Cooling

Pure Water heating and cooling is vital to maintaining the quality and purity of personal care products. Our experts can ensure your company has the right shell & tube exchangers to supply this essential element that ensures the safe and effective operation of your manufacturing plant.


Experts in Sanitary Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

The helpful heat exchanger experts at Enerquip understand the applications for heat exchangers in the personal and pet care industry and can assist you with designing the perfect exchanger for your product, at whatever sanitary level you require.

Enerquip’s Quality Control Manager and Engineers sit on advisory committees for 3-A and ASME-BPE, the organizations that guide the design and fabrication standards for sanitary equipment. This ensures our customers that we will remain on the leading edge of regulatory requirements and best practices, which results in better, safer equipment for our customers’ operations.

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