Whether you’re looking for a solution for a heating and cooling application, or you have a need for unique carbon steel or stainless steel equipment, Enerquip has a reputation for innovative designs, efficient manufacturing, excellent quality and competitive lead times.

When your reputation is on the line, join one of the many businesses who entrust their thermal design needs to Enerquip. We pride ourselves with quality products that are above the industry standard.

Experienced thermal design engineers

Enerquip’s experienced team of thermal design engineers use state-of-the-art HTRI sizing software, Compress code software, an extensive library of past designs, and a large database of product properties to quickly and efficiently design the optimal equipment for your specific application. This gives you the confidence that your equipment is designed to meet the specific process flow conditions, temperature rise requirements, desired thermal efficiency and sizing footprint that you need. Learn about Enerquip’s proven project management process .

Fast, efficient in-house machining

Enerquip fabricates most of its parts in-house which saves valuable time and ensures better control of quality. Tubesheets, baffles, flanges – these are all built in-house.

Our in-house machining centers combined with our buying power and relationships with our suppliers ensure efficient production of our carbon, stainless, and higher alloy materials.

We also stock most common fittings and flanges so we can start sub-assemblies faster, while waiting for longer lead-time materials to arrive. In addition, we stock a variety of sanitary off-the-shelf heat exchangers that can fulfill many of our customer’s needs.

From the initial quote discussions to the fabrication of your equipment, our solid mid-western work ethic drives us to meet or beat your expectations without ever sacrificing quality craftsmanship.

Let’s get the process started. Request a quote today.