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Our mission is to serve our customers by maximizing their efficiency and productivity. By building innovative, quality thermal solutions, we aim to effectively optimize our customer’s production process.

Since 1985, our team has been building the best heating and cooling equipment on the market while providing the highest quality customer service. But don’t take our word for it. Here are just some of the things our customers have to say about us.

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Mullins has relied on Enerquip for well over 10 years for many of our heat exchanger needs. Our cheese and whey products travel both nationally and worldwide, so we understand the importance of delivering quality reliable products with excellent customer service. Enerquip checks all those boxes for us and it’s great when we can work with local companies such as Enerquip to lift our local economy to its greatest potential.

Luke Mullins - Operations Director, Mullins Cheese

Enerquip’s heat exchangers help New Glarus Brewing Co. conserve energy while enhancing its production process. New Glarus Brewing Co. has purchased several products from Enerquip dating back decades. All items were on-time, on budget, and functional. The design and support for each product was excellent. The process and functionality of the equipment and people are World Class and MADE “ONLY” IN WISCONSIN. I have only compliments and satisfaction working with Enerquip.

Jason Schultz - Project Team, New Glarus Brewing Co.

Thank you so much for the tremendous support. I really appreciate that you came in such short notice, and you worked with us around the clock to get the Pre-heater repaired. Your knowledge, expertise, dedication, and great communication were great contributor in repairing the pre-heater in a short manner.

Hany Azmy - Maintenance Leader, Owens Corning Roofing & Asphalt

Enerquip was responsive and supportive of the project team. The team participated in design meetings and made changes based on the design intent to deliver exactly what the client needed, and their workmanship was of the highest quality. Every stage of the process was seamless.

Daniel Barker – DPR Construction

American Heating [Enerquip] has performed above and beyond my expectations. My plant manager recently bought and installed tank coils from a manufacturer that made false promises regarding a longitudinal bolt on fin solution, which should never be used. The tanks never heated up as promised and the pressure drop through the system was so high that we couldn’t get proper flow. I later found out that the supplier didn’t know how to thermally calculate the heat loss in the tank or the heating performance of their tank coil system. Obviously, they didn’t know how to calculate pressure drop either. American Heating Company came in and helped us solve all our issues. They were able to calculate the heat performance of a properly designed system and showed us how to install the coils to avoid pressure drop issues. They integrated the tank coil system with our existing heater perfectly. All our issues have been resolved thanks to American Heating Company.

Operations Director – Midstream Company in Louisiana

Who are Enerquip’s competitors? There are none as far as we are concerned. Enerquip is our go-to company for shell and tube heat exchangers, so we don’t have a need for another supplier.

Bob Lechner – Conseptec, LLC

I have several American Heating [Enerquip] Thermal Fluid Heaters at my facility that are nearly 30 years old. Every time someone asks me when was the last time I had my heater coil replaced I simply laugh and explain that I have never needed to replace my coil. My colleagues that use a helical coil heater think replacing a coil is just part of the maintenance program. They are constantly working on the coils when the welding pops or forced to retube the unit, which is almost as expensive as buying an entire new unit. I always tell them to give American Heating a call and get the Serpentine Coil so they can avoid all these headaches.

Plant Manager – Asphalt Roofing Company in Portland, OR

Enerquip has been invaluable to the development of our products. Their engineers are professional, knowledgeable, and really know their stuff. By sitting in on a screen-sharing Zoom meeting, we saved many emails, phone calls and delays in the redesign of our heat exchangers for past and future products. The number of headaches avoided have made us a customer for life!

Ray V. – TruSteel

American Heating engineered a custom-designed heating system for our recent upgrade. This system is efficient, and it will definitely pay for itself over a short period of time.

Operation Director – Asphalt Terminal in Southern California

This was a great idea from your group to show us this high polish on the tube end welds. I think this will significantly reduce our odds of buildup on the tube sheets. This is an example one of the many reasons that Ortec partners with Enerquip to make our shell and tube heat exchangers and condensers. Having a partner like Enerquip with competitive prices, extremely high-quality standards and people who want to understand our business and think about ways to help our processes, is a big part of our success.

Ortec, Inc.

They really know heating systems and can provide you with the right heating requirements to meet your heating needs.

Plant Manager – Asphalt Terminal in Upstate, NY

It has been a great pleasure to work with you over the last 2 years. Enerquip was far and away the best of many good suppliers that I had the pleasure of working with at BioFerm.

Megan N. – BIOFerm™ Energy Systems

I recently ordered tank coils from American Heating Company [Enerquip] and due to a mix up with my accounting department the official PO was never sent. I was in a big pinch with my tank fabricator and the project schedule. I explained the situation to American Heating and they were gracious enough to expedite my tank coil fabrication and saved my schedule. All my other suppliers are delivering their equipment late but not American Heating. They actually delivered it early.

Project Manager – Tank Terminal in Corpus Christi, TX

This company treats their customers as an important priority to their business. The communication is fantastic, and they will meet or exceed their timeline in the manufacturing process.


We design and build Thermal oxidizers and over the past 30 years have utilized American Heating Company Waste Heat Economizers to capture the exiting heat into Thermal Fluid or in some cases directly into Asphalt. American Heating Company’s robust design is unmatched in the industry, and they always provide a competitive price and deliver as promised.

Engineering Manager – Thermal Oxidizer Fabricator in Pittsburgh, PA.

We often require more customized equipment. That’s why we turn to Enerquip. They have the engineering and manufacturing capabilities and facilities. >> view more


I previously bought heaters from a competitor and was told they were “High Efficiency” heaters even though they used a helical coil. When I gave American Heating a try the stack temperature on their unit was around 400F in comparison to the competitors 800F. I am saving tens of thousands of dollars every year on lower energy cost because now I actually have a high efficiency heater! The funny thing is that American Heating price was actually lower than their competition by a lot. I can’t believe I ever used anyone else besides American Heating.

Mid-West Asphalt Terminal Company

Great work on the two units and excellent execution! I appreciate the communication throughout the entire order.

David Loschiavo – Thermal Kinetics

We contacted American Heating [Enerquip] to help us build a large-scale Heavy Crude Oil Terminal in South America. They shared their industry expertise to help us come up with an overall solution to the original proposal that saved us nearly $4 Million in capital cost. Their experience in the tank terminals industry is unmatched and helped resolve a very political situation and helped get all the different companies involved in the project on the same page. I would have hired them just for their knowledge and ability to get everyone to agree on a solution. When someone can show you how nearly every company in the world does it, how can you argue.

CEO – Crude Oil Terminal in South America

They provide information in a timely fashion. Enerquip is very responsive and knowledgeable about their products to the point they don’t have to go back internally to answer our questions.

Advanced Process Technologies

I bought a 500HP steam generator and Hot Oil Heater to replace two existing steam boilers. People thought we were crazy for replacing equipment that was functioning. They all wanted to know where we bought the equipment when I showed them that I cut my utility bill in half! The combination of the high efficiency heater and High-Pressure Condensate system improved operations well beyond any expectations.

Plant Manager – Asphalt Rail Terminal in NY

Enerquip’s response and commitment to Sani-Matic is amazing. Thank you!!!

Chris McNulty – Sani-Matic

We use American Heating [Enerquip] because they offer competitive pricing and can deliver their equipment on-time and within budget.

Project Manager – Asphalt Terminal in Tulsa, OK

Based on the great experience I had with Enerquip, we will definitely include your team in future projects.


We selected American Heating [Enerquip] on our project as they provided competitive pricing and excellent service

Engineering Manager – Asphalt Terminal in the Ohio Valley area

We have bought a large number of heat exchanger units from Enerquip over the past 5 years so we are confident in the quality we will receive.

Brent Noel – Professional Engineer, from a major biotechnical manufacturer

I wanted to let you know that our heat exchanger system is working extremely well and I want to thank you for all the work and iterations to get it designed, built, and delivered. We’ve been using it for several weeks now with various oils, and today is the first full-scale run with avocado oil.

Tulkoff Food Products

Thank you again for working with us to get a good fit for this service, and for being flexible in the offerings to help with our unique application. I will say we have quickly reviewed and are going to move forward with Enerquip.

Polaris Engineering

Thank You for all the hard work and effort on getting us the right sizing for the heat exchanger that we purchased from you. We have been running through some pretty high temperatures the last week and it is working beautifully. Keeping our temp right where they’re needed. It even went in really nice on installation. Only two cuts and one weld on the one oil line. Really appreciate it!!


Their knowledge base and design base are 100%.

OMNI Integrated Solutions

They want to know the problems and how they can optimize their equipment for you. They want to engage in conversation.

RW Baron

You guys do excellent work.

Bill Thompson –Ortec, Inc.

Our office has commented many times that you deliver the best customer service out of all our vendors! We really enjoy working with you.

Ted H. – Acuity Process Solutions, LLC

We had a wonderful experience working with Enerquip. The heat exchangers were built with excellent quality and made to our exact needs. They are very easy to work with. I would not hesitate to request a quote from Enerquip again.

Ray Taylor – Winger Companies


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