Enerquip Introduces New Logo with Expanded Product Line

Enerquip introduces a new logo that encompasses its expanded product offering.

Editor’s Note: This press release was originally published in June of 2022. 

American Heating Company Joins the Enerquip Brand

Last spring, Enerquip acquired American Heating Company as a wholly-owned subsidiary. One year later, we’re excited to announce that American Heating Company will take on the Enerquip name. In addition, Enerquip is expanding its brand identity through a new logo and a new website.

After purchasing American Heating Company on June 1, 2021, Enerquip’s product line immediately expanded past its heat exchanger roots. For the past 35+ years, Enerquip has been known as Enerquip Heat Exchangers; this summer, we’re excited to launch as Enerquip Thermal Solutions.

The new logo will be unveiled this summer as the new Enerquip.com is launched, merging both Enerquip.com and AmericanHeatingCo.com. Planned for an August roll-out, the new site will include Enerquip’s expanded product offering which includes a variety of sanitary and industrial heating and cooling solutions, from shell and tube heat exchangers to industrial thermal fluid heaters and tank heating coils.

“Operationally, customers will not see a change from our legacy of quality, innovation, and integrity,” says Jeannie Deml, Enerquip President/CEO. “We are incredibly excited to complete this transformational union and provide industry-leading thermal solutions to our customers throughout the US and the world.”

Enerquip’s thermal solutions are the preferred choice for many top suppliers in various industries, including dairy, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biofuels, refining, asphalt, tank terminal, chemical, and many more. By combining Enerquip and American Heating Company, Enerquip Thermal Solutions now has manufacturing facilities in Beggs, OK, and Medford, WI, with its corporate office in Medford, WI.