Refining & Renewable Energy

The Helpful Heat Exchanger Experts

Enerquip understands the distinct challenges and priorities behind designing shell and tube heat exchangers for the refining and gas processing industries. Rigorous safety standards and 24/7/365 operation requirements make it critical that heat exchangers are designed properly and comply with ASME Code, TEMA-R guidelines and API-660. We work with our customers to customize heat exchangers to their specifications, taking into consideration cost, space constraints and corrosion resistance.

Heat Exchanger Customization for Refining & Renewable Energy

Nearly all aspects of the shell and tube heat exchanger can be customized, from the number of tube passes to the size of the tubes themselves.  We strive to design your exchangers to be easy to clean, inspect and maintain, and can suggest design features such as davit arms and hinge assemblies for safer removal of channels and covers.  Sizes up to 48″ diameter (or larger depending upon weight).

Stainless-Steel Reboilers, Evaporators, Preheaters, Condensers

In addition to refining and petrochemical, Enerquip has many customers in the ethanol market.  As original exchangers (often built from corrosive carbon steel) wear out, plant managers and their engineers turn to Enerquip to design replacement reboilers, evaporators, preheaters and condensers that have a more robust stainless steel design. As new processes are incorporated for recovering oils, using additional parts of the kernels and stalks for cellulosic ethanol, and additional distillation for valuable by-products take place, Enerquip often provides the pilot scale heat exchangers to help prove out these processes. Once the process is shown to add value, Enerquip helps the system OEM’s design the shell and tube exchangers for demonstration scale and commercial scale processes.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers for Cooling and Condensing the Gas Streams

Another growing sector that values Enerquip’s expertise is the collection and processing of landfill gas.  Enerquip has designed shell and tube heat exchangers for cooling and condensing the gas streams, and for vaporizing and heating gas through the various stages of compression and purification. Our exchangers typically have 316L stainless steel product contact surfaces to protect against trace corrosive elements in the gas. There is often a need for high pressure in parts of this process, and Enerquip’s ASME Code stamp enables us to provide exchangers rated up to 3000 psig. In addition, Enerquip has experience with designing exchangers for vacuum conditions, understanding the factors in heat exchanger design that impact pressure drop and boiling point.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger for Biodiesel Processing

Biodiesel processing utilizes many shell and tube heat exchangers for preheating, cooling and condensing product streams and waste vapors throughout the process. Fats, glycerines and oleolipids can be challenging to pump and to heat/cool without fouling. Enerquip’s experts have helped our customers in this industry optimize their heat exchanger designs to maximize thermal efficiency, while making the exchangers easier to maintain during periodic cleaning.

We can help you find or customize exactly what you need for your operation. There are many ways we can customize your equipment to make it more efficient to use and to maintain.

Contact one of our Thermal Design Engineers for ideas. Also check out our videos and industry articles.


Enerquip Product Offerings to the Refining & Renewable Energy Markets

Custom Sanitary Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Enerquip’s design experts and engineers have experience in custom heat exchanger design in a wide variety of industries. When our off-the-shelf heat exchangers won’t work for you, you can count on Enerquip to bring you an optimal heat exchanger for your application with the fastest lead times in the industry.



Enerquip understands that a leaking heat exchanger tube bundle can result in contaminated product and costly down-time. That is why Enerquip stocks several sizes of replacement tube bundles and O-rings for immediate delivery. Enerquip can also supply replacement bundles for competitor’s heat exchangers, often faster than they can.


Commercial Grade Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Enerquip has a line of commercial grade shell and tube heat exchangers for when your heating and cooling applications do not require sanitary surface finishes.


Compact Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

In certain situations, a typical shell and tube heat exchanger is too large or doesn’t support the type or volume of product you need heated or cooled. In these situations, a compact shell and tube heat exchanger can offer a tremendous advantage.


Bayonet Heaters

In addition to the many styles of shell and tube heat exchangers Enerquip offers, we also provide a line of bayonet heaters. Designed to efficiently heat entire tanks of fluid, our bayonet heaters efficiently transfer heat to large quantities of liquids, making them cost-effective for temperature regulation of process solutions, oils, and more.