Enerquip understands the distinct challenges and priorities behind designing heating and cooling solutions refining and gas processing industries. Rigorous safety standards and 24/7/365 operation requirements make it critical that pressure vessels are designed properly and comply with ASME Code, TEMA-R guidelines and API-660. We work with our customers to customize industrial heating systems and heat exchangers to their specifications, taking into consideration cost, space constraints and corrosion resistance.

Heating Equipment for Crude Oil Production

Process heating is a key component of crude oil production. From processing materials to pumping and transporting oil, many refinery processes rely on thermal fluid heaters and heating systems. As a result, high quality, durable industrial heating systems for refineries are in high demand.

Where do many facilities in the crude oil industry turn for the durable, technologically advanced industrial heating equipment they need to execute the oil refinery process at a price they can afford? Enerquip!

Plant managers know that their facilities can only run efficiently when equipped with reliable, durable industrial heating and cooling equipment. That’s why so many turn to the thermal fluid heating experts at Enerquip for refinery process heating systems.

At Enerquip, we manufacture a variety of products for use in refineries and crude oil production plants, including:

  • Thermal fluid heaters used for various process heating applications throughout the oil refinery process
  • Heat exchangers specifically designed to heat viscous fluids like heavy crude oil, 6 oil and asphalt
  • Tank coils that are durable and long lasting so you won’t have to shut down your facility frequently for repairs
  • Bayonet immersion heaters are designed to efficiently heat entire tanks of fluid, efficiently transferring heat to large quantities of liquids
  • Products manufactured to API-660 standards upon your request

Our oil refinery products provide a cost-effective solution to the needs of oil processing plants throughout the United States and beyond. Even better, when it comes to crude oil heating, we’re a one stop shop resource where you can find everything you need for your plant’s industrial heating system.

For crude oil heating equipment you can rely on, trust Enerquip.

Our oil refinery process heaters and heat exchangers are durable and highly efficient with low maintenance costs. Whether you’re interested in one component or a whole thermal fluid heating system, we have what you are looking for.

Interested in pricing out our crude oil process heating equipment for your facility? Give us a call today at (715) 748-5888 or request a quote today.

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