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In an age where “high quality” is expected as the norm for a preferred supplier of process equipment, Enerquip goes above and beyond what is expected and required, to exceed our customers’ expectations and regulatory standards. Here is what that extra attention to quality means to you…

Our team of committed experts and culture of innovation, combined with our quality standards, provides our customers peace of mind that our products will meet their needs, even under the toughest operating and regulatory conditions.

All exchangers are designed and built to ASME Section VIII, Div 1 pressure vessel code, which ensures a safe and reliable product for our customers, and increased peace of mind for plant operators and owners. Every exchanger is inspected, hydro-tested and code stamped prior to shipment.

We design our heat exchangers to TEMA (Tubular Exchanger Manufacturer’s Association) guidelines to ensure best practices are followed from engineering through fabrication and testing. TEMA designs provide better consistency, avoid unexpected surprises, and allow us to better predict how an exchanger will perform once it is installed. We design and build exchangers to TEMA B, C and R type requirements.

Enerquip is one of only a few elite exchanger manufacturers that has 3-A certification for exchangers that meet the sanitary standards of the dairy and food industries. We proactively invited USDA inspectors into our facility to review our designs and fabrication processes to ensure 100% compliance with 3-A standards. This allows us to offer our customers a guarantee that our 3-A exchangers will pass a sanitary design inspection with no deficiencies.

We offer exchangers with PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) certification required in many European nations.

Enerquip has many CRN’s (Canadian Registration Numbers) for heat exchanger designs for customers in Canadian provinces. We understand the process to obtain new CRN’s for custom designs in a reasonable timeframe.

Quality management is reinforced by constant learning and improvement of our procedures and processes. These are front and center in our manufacturing environment: non-conforming products are identified quickly and corrected immediately. We track non-conformance during fabrication, and use it to correct parts, processes, tooling and training, to ensure that our continuous improvement process benefits our company as well as our customers.

Our QC and Engineering professionals participate in 3-A and ASME-BPE advisory committees that shape the standards for equipment design, cleanability and function in the dairy and pharmaceutical markets.

We frequently build to other quality standards in addition to ASME, which are dictated by our customers or by other national codes. Because these are not incorporated into our ASME manual, these are captured on a project by project basis, and are incorporated into a project specific ITP (Inspection and Test Plan). This includes any additional quality checks, hold points, third party inspections or NDE above and beyond what is required by ASME. This document is prepared and often submitted for customer approval prior to design and fabrication beginning, to ensure all quality assurance requirements will be met. This is the planning document, which is then updated and signed off on as the project proceeds.

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Enerquip Resources & Certifications

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3-A Sanitary Cert for Tubular Heat Exchangers

ASME U Stamp Cert

PED Marking Permission

ASME R Stamp Cert

3-A Sanitary Cert for Membrane Housings

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