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When your reputation is on the line, you can trust Enerquip to provide the quality, performance and on-time delivery that you need to keep your shell and tube exchanger project on track. How can we accomplish this when others can’t?

Our Customers Value these Enerquip Advantages Most

Expertise & Experience

Our team of committed experts and culture of innovation, combined with our quality standards, provides our customers peace of mind that our products will meet their needs, even under the toughest operating and regulatory conditions.


Design & Fabrication Quality

In an age where “high quality” is expected as the norm for a preferred supplier of process equipment, Enerquip goes above and beyond what is expected and required, to exceed our customers’ expectations and regulatory standards.


Lead Time

When your reputation is on the line, join one of the many businesses who entrust their heat exchange needs to Enerquip. We pride ourselves on having one of the fastest lead times in the industry with quality products that are above the industry standard.


Project Management

Our detailed approach to project management includes frequent communication throughout the design, fabrication and testing of your product, and prevents roadblocks and streamlines the entire process, from engineering through delivery.


CheeseExpo 2021

CheeseExpo 2021 - See you there! Enerquip will be attending CheeseExpo again this year. CheeseExpo has moved to online and is set for April 6 – 8, 2021. You can log on to visit over 100 virtual exhibits and start networking! CheeseExpo...

Floating Tubesheet Style Straight Tube Exchangers – Advantages and Types

A replacement floating tubesheet bundle for a refinery customer, upgraded to stainless steel.Inspecting and maintaining shell and tube heat exchangers is important to ensure that they work efficiently and safely, and to prevent costly...

Immersion Heaters – Whitepaper

Pasteurization Makes Milk Safe for Consumers Knowing how to properly heat a solution or other liquid is critical to the integrity of the liquid. The right method can save time, energy and money. Using an inadequate approach to the task...

Enerquip’s Scott Babich

Scott Babich - Enerquip's Shipping Coordinator Personal Facts I have a wife (Beth) and three kids (Landon 9, Norah 5, Sullivan 2).  Each summer we go on a family trip (Minnesota Zoo / Wisconsin Dells) and as the kids get older, we may...

Enerquip’s Lonnie Marcott

Enerquip Welder - Lonnie Marcott Personal Facts I have a wife and four daughters ages 12-16. We all enjoy fishing, water sports and camping throughout the summer. My wife and I love to ride motorcycle as well. Come fall, I have all the...

Enerquip’s Dustin Freeman

Dustin Freeman - Enerquip's Waterjet Operator Personal Facts I’m married with one daughter. Have one dog and one cat.  I am an avid bow hunter, I go out of state every year to hunt deer.  I enjoy anything outdoors.  Baseball is my...

Enerquip’s Vern Anderson

Enerquip's Inspector/Receiver - Vern Anderson Vern Anderson: Inspector / Receiver What led you to a career in manufacturing? My dad worked in Heat Exchanger manufacturing. What would you say to others who may be interested in a career...

Expansion Joints and Demystifying the Four Most Common Questions

If this temperature change occurs rapidly, or if the temperature variations are large enough, and if there is no allowance for this expansion and contraction, materials in the exchanger could be stressed to the point of failing.Bellows style expansion joints are...

Enerquip Partners with CPI Sales, Inc.

. . Enerquip, a Wisconsin company that specializes in a wide variety of shell and tube heat exchangers, recently added CPI Sales, Inc. to its team of Distributors and Manufacturer’s representatives to meet its plans for continued...


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