Process Equipment for Use in the Chemical Industry

In the chemical and petrochemical industries, temperature regulation and control is incredibly important. As a result, implementing durable, technologically advanced chemical process heating and cooling equipment your facility can rely on is key to running a successful and profitable plant.

At Enerquip, we design and manufacture heating and cooling equipment for various applications in the chemical industry. Our process heaters and heat exchangers are key components of systems in chemical plants throughout the country.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers for Chemical Process

We work with our customers to customize heat exchangers to their specifications, taking into consideration cost, space constraints and corrosion resistance.

Nearly all aspects of the shell and tube heat exchanger can be customized, from the number of tube passes to the size of the tubes themselves. They are also easy to clean, inspect and maintain, and can be designed with removable parts that are easy to replace. Sizes range from 2″ to 48″ in diameter.

It is crucial that heat exchangers are up to industry code. All of our exchangers are ASME-certified and code stamped, built to TEMA standards, and can be designed to meet API-660 requirements. For the benefit of our API clients, our engineers are educated on the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and can cater to specific requirements such as double tubesheet designs and high-purity surface finishes. We have in-house electropolishing and passivation capabilities, which allow us to meet these requirements in a timely manner.

Vapor Condensers

Condensers use a medium such as air or water to absorb heat from a vapor. As the condensing medium begins to absorb the heat, the vapor’s temperature falls to its saturation point, at which point it condenses into a liquid. Our condensers are used in the petroleum and chemical industries to condense a variety of chemical vapors.

Evaporators & Reboilers

Most reboilers are made with shell and tube heat exchangers, which is why Enerquip is one of the leading partners in the chemical industry. Boiling liquid from the bottom of industrial distillation columns, reboilers generate vapors that are returned to the columns, driving distillation separation. The same heat from the reboiler at the bottom of the column is removed by the condenser at the top.


Air Preheaters are mainly used in fossil fuel power plants for boiler efficiency. Combustion air is heated up by the thermal energy of flue gas, enhancing the combustion process. The purpose of a Preheater is to recover the heat from the boiler flue gas, helping to increase thermal efficiency by reducing the heat lost in the flue gas.

Heat Recovery

Implementing heat recovery exchangers in your production process will help increase plant efficiency and decrease your energy costs and carbon footprint. Using recovery heat exchangers and transferring heat into other process areas is a basic method to increase production of the plant or decrease fuel consumption.

Reliable, Efficient Process Heaters for Chemical Process

Chemical process heaters from Enerquip are designed with quality, durability, and efficiency in mind. Our industrial process heaters and heat exchangers efficiently heat both liquids and gases and can be utilized in a variety of ways within the chemical and petrochemical industries and beyond.

All are ASME code compliant. Additionally, we can manufacture your process heating system to API-660 standards upon request. Our chemical process heaters come standard or can be custom designed to meet your facility’s unique needs and requirements.

Whether you are looking to replace an entire chemical heating system or you’re merely looking to upgrade certain piece of equipment, we can help!

Put our experience and knowledge of chemical process heating and cooling solutions to work for your facility! Give us a call today at (715) 748-5888 or contact us online for more information.

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