As a preferred supplier to the sanitary industries, we understand the importance of having functional and reliable heat exchangers available in a hurry, in order to keep your plant up and running efficiently. Top producers of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and sanitary industries trust Enerquip as their leading provider of sanitary stainless steel shell and tube heat exchangers.

We stock several sizes of steam-to-liquid sanitary heat exchangers that are ready for quick delivery. Not sure if a stock unit will fit your application? No problem. We can run your specifications through our thermal modeling software before purchase.

In Stock Steam Heaters for Quick Delivery

Enerquip manufactures the following sized U-tube steam-to-steam heat exchangers for quick shipment. Our stock units have a two-pass configuration and are built to ASME code.

SizeMaterial of
Shell In
Shell Out
4" x 36"304L SS8.8 sq ft45.75"1.5" NPT1" NPT1.5" TC
6" x 24"304L SS11.3 sq ft38.13"2.5" NPT1" NPT2" TC
6" x 24"304L SS11.3 sq ft38.13"2.5" NPT1" NPT2.5" TC
6" x 54"304L SS24.1 sq ft68.13"2.5" NPT1" NPT2" TC
8" x 36"304L SS27.2 sq ft51.38"2.5" NPT1" NPT3" TC
8" x 54"304L SS40.1 sq ft69.38"4" NPS1.5" NPT2" TC
8" x 54"304L SS40.1 sq ft69.38"4" NPS1.5" NPT3" TC
8" x 54" 3-A316L/304L SS40.1 sq ft69.38"4" NPS1.5" NPT3" TC
8" x 72"304L SS53 sq ft87.38"4" NPS2" NPT3" TC
10" x 54"304L SS70.3 sq ft72.81"4" NPS2" NPT4" TC

Upgrades to higher alloy materials or other pass configurations are available in sizes from 4” x 24” to 10” x 114”, in addition to fully customized solutions.

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Features of Enerquip’s Stock Sanitary U-Tube Exchangers

  • Designed for steam-to-liquid applications
  • 100% stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and cleanliness
  • Two-pass configuration
  • Built to TEMA C guidelines, ASME hydro-tested and code stamped
  • Perfect for heating low-fouling fluids
  • Sanitary tri-clamp connections on the process side for easy installation
  • U-tubes allow tubes to expand and contract freely to prevent damage
  • Removable tube bundle and O-rings make replacement quick and easy
  • Wide size selections

Available Upgrades to Your Sanitary Exchanger

  • Insulation and cladding with stainless steel jacket for heat conservation and personnel protection
  • Mounting saddle supports; horizontal clamp-on saddles or vertical welded lugs
  • Baffle and connection changes for liquid applications
  • Upgrades to 3-A or double tube sheet design for high purity applications
  • Passivation and/or electro-polished product contact surfaces
  • Available in material upgrades to 316L SS, Duplex, Hastelloy, AL6XN and other alloys
  • Multiple-pass tube sheets and bonnets for a higher tube side velocity in a small space
  • Baffle configuration and connection changes to allow for liquid-to-liquid applications

Looking for a Custom Solution?

Shell and tube heat exchangers come in different forms that can be customized. Their ability to fit in countless sizes and configurations makes them a versatile solution. Adaptability makes shell and tube heat exchangers suitable for a wide range of applications and industries including sanitary, pharmaceutical, and industrial.

If a standard solution isn’t right for you, we can custom design for your specific application, size, special alloy, and configuration. We love a good challenge and can help develop a solution for even the most unusual heating and cooling applications. Request a quote, today.

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