The global shift towards biofuels mandates demands an urgent need for top-notch biofuels process equipment. At Enerquip, we’re equipped to provide the cutting-edge equipment necessary to keep up with the industry’s growing demands. Our expertise, built over decades of experience, spans from tank coils and thermal fluid heaters to heat exchangers and bayonet heaters. Count on us to deliver unparalleled solutions for all your manufacturing needs.

High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling Equipment for the Renewable Energy Industry

Thermal Fluid Heaters

For high temperature applications, such as in the biofuel distillation process, thermal fluid heating is the preferred method due to the benefits it provides to the process. The superior design of our biofuel heating equipment for combustion of most fuels and their flexibility to incorporate cooling loops make for more precise reactions.

In order to yield the highest quality biofuel, the distillation process involves using thermal fluid heaters and high temperature reactions. The biofuel that is produced through distillation is almost clear and is easily blended, making it preferred by most users.

Tank Heating Coils

Tank heating coils are used to heat and regulate the temperature of tanks filled with stored materials in dozens of industries, including biofuels blending.

Because they play a crucial role in the heating and maintenance of large quantities of material, tank heating coils must be designed to be durable, reliable, and efficient.

Whether made with carbon steel or 316L stainless steel, we carefully design and build our helically wound and bare tank coils to last for many years. We realize how difficult it is to get into a tank filled with fluid to repair or replace a tank heating coil and, therefore, take extra care with this important piece of equipment.

Many years of design and practical operating experience go into the process and mechanical design of every tank heating coil. With the use of seamless pipe and solid helically wound fins, our tank coils are built for peak performance and designed to last for decades.

Stainless-Steel Reboilers, Evaporators, Preheaters, and Condensers

With Enerquip’s vast knowledge in the ethanol market, plant managers and their engineers turn to Enerquip to design reboilers, evaporators, preheaters and condensers for their production process.

As new processes are incorporated for recovering oils, Enerquip often provides the pilot scale heat exchangers to help prove out these processes. Once the process is shown to add value, Enerquip helps the system OEM’s design the shell and tube exchangers for demonstration scale and commercial scale processes.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers for Condensing Gas Streams

Another growing sector that values Enerquip’s expertise is the collection and processing of landfill gas. Enerquip has designed shell and tube heat exchangers for cooling and condensing the gas streams, and for vaporizing and heating gas through the various stages of compression and purification. Our heat exchangers typically have 316L stainless steel product contact surfaces to protect against trace corrosive elements in the gas.

There is often a need for high pressure in parts of this process, and Enerquip’s ASME Code stamp enables us to provide exchangers rated up to 3000 psig. In addition, Enerquip has experience with designing exchangers for vacuum conditions, understanding the factors in heat exchanger design that impact pressure drop and boiling point.

Bayonet Heaters for Efficient Heat Transfer

In addition to the many styles of shell and tube heat exchangers Enerquip offers, we also provide a line of bayonet immersion heaters. Designed to efficiently heat entire tanks of fluid, our bayonet heaters efficiently transfer heat to large quantities of liquids, making them cost-effective for temperature regulation of process solutions, oils, and more.

Biofuel Heating Equipment from Enerquip

Enerquip is your source for reliable and efficient biofuel heating equipment. We produce some of the most advanced thermal fluid heaters and heat exchangers available in the industry that require minimal maintenance or service, helping you maximize your profit and ensure your operation remains up and running.

With over 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing heating equipment, we are your one stop shop for renewable fuel, biofuel, and biodiesel heating solutions. Our thermal fluid heaters feature serpentine coil heating technology that set our heaters apart from the competition.

Learn more about how our thermal fluid heaters and heat exchangers can help improve the profitability of your production process.

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