At Enerquip, we pride ourselves on being a trusted resource for high-quality, reliable asphalt heaters, hot oil heaters, and other industrial heating systems. Many of the world’s largest roofing and asphalt manufacturers turn to us to fulfill their industrial heating needs.

In addition to building the highest-quality asphalt operations equipment, we can help you plan for future equipment needs. We’ll help size your equipment for your current needs and future expansion.

Whether you’re in the market to update a portion of your asphalt heating system or need a quote for a new customized asphalt heating system designed to suit your plant, our team can help.

High-Quality Asphalt Process Heating Solutions

At the center of an asphalt plant, you need a hot oil heater with maximum efficiency. Enerquip’s serpentine coil heaters are 10-15% more efficient than hot oil heaters with traditional helical coils. The fuel cost savings alone can pay for the equipment in one to two years!

Enerquip’s robust equipment doesn’t stop there. We also build:

Asphalt Heaters with high-efficiency serpentine coils are used to heat A/C 20, blown asphalt used in roofing shingle production, and other grades of asphalt used in a variety of applications.

Tank Heating Coils sit at the bottom of a storage tank to ensure the asphalt is warm and easy for pumping.

Steam Generators pump steam to railcars full of asphalt until the asphalt is ready to be pumped to storage tanks.

Bayonet Heaters warm asphalt in a storage tank by inserting the heater through a manway in the side of the tank.

Suction Heaters pump asphalt through the tube bundle for a blast of heat before exiting the storage tank.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers provide the asphalt with a blast of heat as it moves from storage to truck.

Waste Heat Economizers recycle valuable heat energy created in an asphalt production process.

As you can see, we’ve got all your process heating needs covered.

Let’s talk about making your plant more efficient and profitable.

Give us a call today at (715) 748-5888 or request a quote today.

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