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Trust the Experienced Heat Exchanger Experts at Enerquip

Although the surge in demand for heat exchangers to support the hemp and cannabis oil processing market is rather recent, Enerquip has been designing and building shell and tube exchangers for extraction, condensing, cooling and superheating for many years.

Enerquip has assisted several extraction system OEM’s in designing condensers, coolers, and reboilers for pilot scale test systems as well as larger commercial scale systems.  Our experience in building equipment to the sanitary ASME-BPE standards and 3-A sanitary standards ensures that the stainless steel heat exchangers that we design will be safe for processing products being consumed by their customers.

Our customers also value the safety standards that we follow, including the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, which gives them the peace of mind that our exchangers will safely hold up to the most rigorous cryogenic and high temperature applications  when subjected to vacuum and high pressure conditions.

Enerquip designs each exchanger to be easy to disassemble, inspect, clean and maintain.  Stainless steel product contact surfaces all have a food-grade finish of 32Ra or better.  Gaskets are chemical resistant and easy to replace.  Product connections can be sanitary tri-clamp ferrules or ANSI flanges.  Frequently, straight tube designs are used instead of U-tubes because they are easier to clean thoroughly.

Since many of the exchangers that Enerquip designs for oil extraction processes are custom, there are a wide variety of styles, orientations and upgrade options available.  Speak to a helpful heat exchanger expert to discuss designing the perfect shell and tube heat exchanger for your application.

Product Extraction Heat Exchangers

  • icon-vapor-condensers

    Solvent Recovery Condensers

    Vapor recovery condenser systems, comprised of a closed system of pipes, valves, compressors, and exchangers provide a safe space for vapors to be compressed without being emitted into the atmosphere. Not only is this better for our environment, but it also allows the reuse and repurposing of costly chemicals that would have otherwise been lost in vapor. Chemical and petroleum vapors can be re-condensed into a usable liquid using direct condensation and returned to their original source or repurposed for different use.

  • icon-snowmelt-pit-coils

    Ethanol Coolers

    Cooling ethanol used in oil extraction down to well below 0 degrees is typical, and can be accomplished easily with the use of a shell and tube cooling exchanger.  The ethanol is run through the tube side of the exchanger, which is much more sanitary than the shell side.  Coolers can be designed as single pass or multi-pass units, with removable bonnets that allow for inspection and cleaning of the tubes and other product contact surfaces.  They can also be designed as U-tube exchangers with removable tube bundles.  The cooling medium, which can be thermal oil or liquid nitrogen, is then run through the shell side of the cooler.

  • icon-evaporators

    Evaporators & Reboilers

    After oil extraction using ethanol or hydrocarbons, there is a need to vaporize and recover the solvents from the product.  An efficient way to perform this evaporation it to feed the product stream up through a vertical shell and tube heat exchanger, often called an external calandria or reboiler. This exchanger will typically have steam or hot thermal oil running through the shell of the unit, and the oil and solvent mix is fed upward through the tubes. As the steam or thermal oil heats the solution in the tubes, the solvents in the product flash off as vapor and exit the top of the exchanger to be condensed, while the remaining product is piped to the next step in the process.

  • icon-heatingandcooling

    Coolers & Chillers

    Following the separation of solvents from the product, the organic vapors are sent to a condenser to recover them for re-use.  The product also needs to be cooled down before it can be tested and packaged for distribution.  A shell and tube cooler works well for this process.

Enerquip Product Offerings for Cannabis Processing

  • Enerquip’s design experts and engineers have experience in custom heat exchanger design in a wide variety of industries. When our off-the-shelf heat exchangers won’t work for you, you can count on Enerquip to bring you an optimal heat exchanger for your application with the fastest lead times in the industry.
  • Enerquip understands that a leaking heat exchanger tube bundle can result in contaminated product and costly down-time. That is why Enerquip stocks several sizes of replacement tube bundles and O-rings for immediate delivery. Enerquip can also supply replacement bundles for competitor’s heat exchangers, often faster than they can.
  • Enerquip has a line of commercial grade shell and tube heat exchangers for when your heating and cooling applications do not require sanitary surface finishes.
  • In certain situations, a typical shell and tube heat exchanger is too large or doesn’t support the type or volume of product you need heated or cooled. In these situations, a compact shell and tube heat exchanger can offer a tremendous advantage.

Enerquip Heat Exchangers for Extraction Systems

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