Tube Bundles with Short Lead Times

Replacement bundles for Enerquip heat exchangers

Enerquip understands that a leaking heat exchanger tube bundle can result in contaminated product and costly down-time. That’s why Enerquip stocks several sizes of replacement tube bundles and O-rings for Enerquip heat exchangers. Our stock of replacement tube bundles and O-rings for Enerquip heat exchangers can ship within days, ensuring you get back up and running with minimal delay.

Replacement bundles for other heat exchanger brands

We can also build replacement tube bundles for other brands of heat exchangers, and our lead times are significantly shorter than the competition. Our custom replacement bundles allow you to re-use your existing shell and bonnet, saving you time and money. Often, custom bundles can be ready for shipment in just a few weeks.

Choose Enerquip for fast, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to your heat exchanger tube bundles.

Tube Bundle Features & Upgrades

Ready to take your sanitary environment to the next level? Enerquip has you covered! Our high-quality tube bundles are in stock and ready to deliver superior performance.

Designed with your unique requirements in mind, our tube bundles are built to withstand even the most demanding conditions. From pharmaceuticals to food processing, Enerquip’s tube bundles are the perfect choice for industries that require precision, efficiency, and hygiene.

Features of Enerquip’s in-stock tube bundles:
  • Size: 6″ x 54″ or 8″ x 54″
  • Material: 304L or 316L stainless steel
  • Gasket type: PTFE or O-Ring
  • Bundle type: U-Tube
  • Surface finish: product contact surface finishes are 32Ra or better
  • Code: built to TEMA C guidelines, ASME hydro-tested and code stamped
Available upgrades:

Enerquip performs passivation and electropolishing in-house, allowing us to meet the most stringent finish requirements of the pharmaceutical and personal care industries, including double tubesheets with leak detection for tube bundles. In addition to double tubesheets, below are other upgrades.

  • Size: from 2″ to 48″ in diameter, or larger depending on weight
  • Material: Duplex 2205, AL6XN, Hastelloy and Titanium
  • Bundle type: straight tube, floating tubesheet bundle
  • Surface finish: 20Ra, electropolishing
  • Design: double tubesheet

Don’t settle for subpar tube bundles that can’t keep up with your needs. Choose Enerquip for reliable and high-performance solutions that will take your operations to the next level. Order now to experience the difference!

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