Enerquip has designed a wide array of asphalt heaters that are being used to heat A/C 20, blown asphalt used in roofing and shingle production, and other grades of asphalt used in a variety of applications. Our heaters are ASME code compliant, made in the USA, constructed with high-quality materials and built with durability, functionality and efficiency in mind.

What Sets Our Industrial Asphalt Heaters Apart?

Amongst the most advanced heaters in the asphalt industry, here are some of the key design elements that differentiate our asphalt heaters from others.

Serpentine Coils

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Asphalt Heaters

While most industrial heating equipment manufacturers produce thermal fluid heaters featuring helical coils, all of our innovative and cost-effective asphalt heaters are designed utilizing a unique serpentine coil. These expertly designed coils help our heaters to be some of the most efficient on the market. For ease of tube removal, our asphalt heaters come with bolted on header boxes.

High Volume Combustion Chamber

Within an asphalt heater, the combustion chamber is where the heat from the burner is augmented. Our high-volume combustion chamber enables our asphalt heaters to have low heat transfer rates and low film temperatures while still heating materials incredibly effectively.

Large Quantity of Radiant Section Surface Area

Our heaters have finned pipes in the radiant (economizer) section, which significantly enhances the surface area and allows the asphalt heater to utilize a minimal number of pipe rows. In addition, with helically wound fins, product can flow right through the fins which reduces the risk of buildup and coking.

Economizer Built-In

Our asphalt heaters come with a specially engineered economizer for added efficiency. With minimal maintenance required, our heaters can keep your plant up and running, saving you time and profits you may have otherwise lost due to upkeep and necessary repairs.

Startup Support

When it’s time to install your new asphalt heater, you can depend on us for that as well. We provide the full setup and startup support for our thermal fluid heaters and asphalt heaters.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients in the asphalt and roofing industries get ahead by providing them with heating equipment they can trust.

Equip your plant with the best of the best when it comes to asphalt heaters. Give us a call today at (715) 748-5888 or contact us online to learn more about our asphalt heaters and heating systems.

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