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    Brewing & Beverage

    Enerquip’s engineers understand the importance of building equipment that complies with ASME standards: All of Enerquip’s shell and tube heat exchangers are compliant and ASME code stamped. Exchangers that are 3-A compliant are also ideal for brewing operations, as these strict standards for food and beverage processes ensure products that pass through the equipment are safe for human consumption.

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    Although the surge in demand for heat exchangers to support the hemp and cannabis oil processing market is rather recent, Enerquip has been designing and building shell and tube exchangers for extraction, condensing, cooling and superheating for many years.

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    The chemical industry relies on exchangers that will prevent cross-contamination and are safe and corrosion resistant. For this reason, the engineers at Enerquip use their extensive industry knowledge to offer a wide variety of shell and tube heat exchangers, including straight-tube, U-tube and multi-pass exchangers. We also offer floating tubesheet models and bayonet heaters.

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    Commercial HVAC

    Enerquip has a line of commercial grade shell and tube heat exchangers for when your heating and cooling applications do not require sanitary surface finishes. Our commercial grade shell and tube exchangers are constructed of 100% stainless steel for long lasting value and corrosion resistance in the most challenging environments.

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    Food & Dairy

    Top producers of food, beverage and dairy products put their faith in Enerquip, the leading provider of sanitary stainless steel shell and tube heat exchangers, for their critical heating and cooling needs.

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    Personal Care

    The helpful heat exchanger experts at Enerquip understand the applications for heat exchangers in the personal care industry, and can assist you with designing the perfect exchanger for your product, at whatever sanitary level you require.

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    Fine chemistry such as pharmaceutics relies on complex molecules for active ingredients in medications. Energy and water or fluid are crucial components in optimizing production processes. Our experts can provide you with the right products to ensure efficient heat exchange phases, increasing productivity, minimizing production costs, and keeping compliance in your industry.

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    Enerquip understands the distinct challenges and priorities behind designing shell and tube heat exchangers for the refining and gas processing industries. Rigorous safety standards and 24/7/365 operation requirements make it critical that heat exchangers are designed correctly, and comply with ASME code, TEMA-R guidelines and API-660.

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