High Efficiency Thermal Fluid Steam Generators from Enerquip

Thermal fluid steam generators are a perfect solution for customers that need steam for their facility but don’t want to spend the capital for a large-scale boiler operation.

When using an Enerquip hot oil heater in conjunction with an industrial steam generator and a High-Pressure Condensate Receiver (HPR), the overall efficiency of the system is unmatched in comparison to any other solution.

How Industrial Steam Generators & Hot Oil Heaters Work Together

The hot oil from the heater circulates through the tubes inside the steam generator so the efficiency of the heater has a direct impact on the efficiency of the steam generator. The tubes then heat the water in the shell of the steam generator to create the steam.

Unlike a fired boiler, the heated tubes in the steam generator never get hotter than the hot oil flowing through them. The most significant saving from a steam generator is the fact that, in most cases, they do NOT require a boiler operator. This should result in significant operating cost savings in comparison to a boiler, which most of the time, requires a licensed operator.

Advantages of Thermal Fluid Steam Generators

Weighing your options between an industrial steam generator and a boiler for your facility? Keep in mind that thermal fluid steam generators have significant advantages over boilers, some of which include:

  • No explosive gases or gas fuel train
  • No burner to operate or service
  • No permit required for a burner or stack
  • Faster heat up time
  • Does not require a boiler operator

High Pressure Condensate Return Systems

An industrial process steam generator normally includes an HPR (High Pressure Return) System to collect the condensate from the process so that it can be treated and returned back to the steam generator. An HPR system improves any steam system efficiency by 15-35% depending on operation so it is a good fit to Enerquip’s philosophy of high efficiency equipment.

An HPR system brings high temperature condensate back to the feed system and boiler at pressure which means that condensate is above the boiling point and will save millions of BTU’s per year by containing BTU loss in your condensate.

Learn more about how an HPR System can help you save 15 to 35% on fuel bills!

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Find Out How Our Industrial Process Steam Generators Can Benefit Your Facility

If you’re in need of an industrial steam generator that’s reliable, efficient, and requires minimal maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. Our thermal fluid steam generators are appropriate for a variety of industrial applications in a number of industries. They can help your facility run more efficiently, saving your company money in the long- and short-term.

Ready to learn more about thermal fluid steam generators from Enerquip? Contact us today! Complete our online form to request more information or give us a call at (715) 748-5888. Have additional questions about steam generators? Curious about their benefits when compared to hot oil boilers? Find answers to frequently asked questions about industrial steam generators here!