Benefits of Tank Coils with Helically Wound Fins

Tank heating coils are an imperative component of the industrial heating equipment your facility relies on every day. As experts in the industrial heating industry, we’ve spent decades honing our craft and developing efficient, innovative heating technology that our clients and customers can rely on.

We take great pride in creating tank heating coils that are engineered to meet our client’s needs while also being among the most reliable and longest lasting on the market.

In the decades we’ve spent designing and manufacturing hot oil heating equipment, it has been proven over and over again that tank coils featuring helically wound fins are the best way to go.

Here, we’ll delve into exactly what makes helically wound fins the best option when it comes to tank heating coil design.

Advantages of Helically Wound Tank Coil Fins

There are a handful of key benefits to tank coils with helically wound fins. These advantages include:

Better Heat Transfer

Our experience with heating coils used in various applications has proven that horizontally installed helically wound fin tubes have nearly double the heat transfer rate compared to horizontally installed longitudinal fins.

If you’re looking to transfer heat more effectively within your tank, investing in tank coils with helical fins is a good option. The heat transfer coefficient for a helically finned pipe is about twice that of a longitudinally finned pipe. As a result, it will take about half as much surface area for a helical finned tank coil to do the same heating as a longitudinally finned tank coil.

Reduced Cost

Cost is often an important deciding factor when it comes to selecting industrial heating equipment for your plant or facility. Despite the fact that tank coils with helically wound fins tend to be the better option from an operational and performance standpoint, they are also typically the better option from a cost standpoint.

As mentioned above, because tank coils with helically wound fins can deliver twice the amount of heat transfer to the tank product when compared to coils with longitudinal fins, half as many coils are required to achieve the same result. For this reason, they typically cost less to both manufacture and install, which can result in significant savings. Combined with their higher efficiency, which can provide savings over the long run as well, this is a compelling advantage in favor of helical fins.

Higher Efficiency

Speaking of higher efficiency, tank fins with helically wound coils are significantly more efficient than both tank coils with longitudinal fins and bare pipe tank coils.

a helically wound coil after decades of proper use

A tank coil with a helical fin after decades of use. Proof that fouling does not occur when using the right fin and operating the tank coils the right way!

Because tank coils with helically wound fins have 2x better heat transfer than tank coils with longitudinal fins, they operate much more efficiently, which can result in energy savings in the long run.

When it comes to bare pipe coils, adding helical coils can provide 12x greater surface area per foot of pipe. This means you can heat a tank much more efficiently and will need significantly less pipe to heat the tank, which can provide cost savings as well.

Reduced Coking

One of the biggest advantages of tank heating coils with helically wound fins is the lack of coking that occurs. Tank coils with longitudinal fins have stagnant flow areas that occur between the fins. These ‘dead spots’ are prime targets for coking.

Because of their unique design, tank coils with helical fins are significantly less likely to coke. Reduced coking means you’ll have to worry less about tank coil replacement. Helically wound tank coils can last for decades without requiring repair or replacement.

Need Tank Coils You Can Rely On? Invest in Tank Coils with Helically Wound Fins.

With more than 30 years of experience building heating equipment for a wide variety of industries and applications, we’re confident in saying that tank coils with helically wound fins are the way to go if you’re looking for an efficient and reliable solution.

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