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  1. Enerquip Boosts Spirit Lakes with $1,500 Donation

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    Enerquip is delighted to announce its contribution of $1,500 to the Spirit Lakes Improvement Association in Rib Lake, WI, as part of its employee match program.

    The donation aims to support the preservation efforts of the natural beauty and ecological balance of North Spirit Lake and Spirit Lake. These contributions play a vital role in enhancing water quality and protecting fish habitats, ensuring the sustainability of the environment for present and future generations.

    At the core of Enerquip’s values is a dedication to uplifting the community. In alignment with this, the company matches employee contributions to organizations at 100%, up to $500 per employee per calendar year, encompassing financial donations and volunteer hours.

    These employee match donations from Trent Weik, Plant Foreman; Tim Strebig, Operations & Facilities Manager; and Troy Weik, Sales & Channel Manager, include their volunteer hours as board members of Spirit Lakes Improvement Association.

    For more information on how you can support the Spirit Lakes Improvement Association, visit

    Learn more about Enerquip’s Community Giving programs.

  2. Enerquip’s Environmental Commitment

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    Building for the Future with High-Efficiency, Low Waste, Process Solutions

    Enerquip's Headquarters in Medford, WI

    Enerquip Thermal Solution Headquarters, Medford, WI

    Enerquip, a leader in sanitary and industrial heating and cooling solutions since 1985, proudly crafts its equipment in the USA. Our fabrication shops in Medford, WI, and Beggs, OK, along with design offices in Medford, WI, and Sand Springs, OK, serve as the birthplaces of innovation and quality.

    Our mission is a commitment to our partners and customers, empowering them with high-impact thermal solutions that elevate efficiency, productivity, and overall success. By incessantly innovating and delivering premium products and service that surpass expectations, we aim to set new benchmarks in the industry.

    A pivotal aspect of our contribution lies in fostering sustainable business practices. In 2021, we expanded our commitment to sustainability by acquiring the former American Heating Company (now Enerquip), effectively doubling our sustainable process solutions. From low NOx thermal fluid heaters to tank heating coils and waste heat economizers, Enerquip’s solutions empower companies with substantial financial and energy savings.

    In our pursuit of sustainability, we uphold a vision that consistently leads the way—pioneering innovative thermal solutions while fostering enduring relationships. This vision is anchored by our unwavering commitment to precision, integrity, and social responsibility.


  3. Enerquip’s Employee Match Supports Westboro Baseball

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    Enerquip has proudly donated $500 to Westboro Baseball. This donation, combined with other generous community contributions, will facilitate a future fence upgrade to the backstop and sides of the Westboro Baseball field.

    In the ’80s, Westboro Baseball thrived, but it experienced a period of dormancy in the late ’90s and ’00s. A dedicated team of volunteers has diligently worked to restore the field to its former glory, with the final upgrade to the fence marking a crucial milestone in their restoration efforts.

    Today, the field serves as the venue for various events, including little league tournaments, JV baseball, softball, Dairyland league, and even the occasional kickball.

    “Enerquip’s commitment to community support shines through in this generous donation,” says Ted Goodrich, Westboro Baseball Manager. “Not only does Enerquip’s contribution align with our vision for revitalizing Westboro Baseball, but it also enhances a sense of community pride. The hard work to restore the field is truly gratifying when witnessing both youth and adults thoroughly enjoying activities on the field.”

    Enerquip actively promotes community engagement among its employees, fostering a culture of positive impact through both financial contributions and volunteer service. The company matches employee donations and volunteer hours at 100%, up to $500 per employee per calendar year.

    Enerquip Water Jet Operator Dustin Freeman exemplifies this spirit of giving back. As a Westboro Baseball player and founding driver of the revitalization effort, Freeman’s volunteer hours and personal contributions were matched by the company up to $500, doubling the impact within the local community.

    Learn more about Enerquip’s Community Giving programs.

  4. Enerquip’s Employee Match Supports Gilman Baseball

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    Enerquip is delighted to contribute $500 to the Gilman Baseball program. Donations like this play a crucial role in supporting the program’s continuous needs, such as field maintenance, uniforms, athletic equipment, and umpires.

    Gilman Baseball extends its support to youth, middle school, and high school programs, benefiting over 50 students from the Gilman area who eagerly participate in this favorite American pastime each spring and summer.

    At the core of Enerquip’s values is a dedication to supporting and uplifting the community, and this contribution is a testament to that commitment. Enerquip actively encourages its employees to make a positive impact through giving and service. In alignment with this, the company matches employee contributions to organizations at 100%, up to $500 per employee per calendar year, encompassing both financial donations and volunteer hours.

    Derek Nichols, an Enerquip Assembler, exemplifies this spirit of giving back. His volunteer hours and personal contributions, notably in his role as Gilman High School Baseball’s Head Coach, are matched by the company, amplifying the positive impact within the local community.

    Learn more about Enerquip’s community giving program. 

  5. 7 Ways Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers Outperform Plate & Frame

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    Plate and frame and shell and tube designs stand out as the two most prevalent heat exchangers, offering versatile solutions for heating or cooling products during processing. The fundamental principle of heat exchangers involves the transfer of heat between two media, facilitated by tubes or plates.

    Despite the effectiveness of both designs, shell and tube heat exchangers often present distinct advantages over plate and frame configurations in various applications. In the following discussion, we will delve into specific application requirements that make shell and tube heat exchangers the preferred choice.

  6. Enerquip Promotes Steen to Process & Analytics Manager

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    Enerquip Thermal Solutions is pleased to announce the promotion of Tom Steen to the position of Process & Analytics Manager. This change in title and duties reflects the significant additional responsibilities Steen has assumed over the past year, showcasing his dedication and expertise in leading data-driven decision-making within the organization.

    In his new role, Steen will spearhead the development and implementation of data analysis procedures aimed at achieving various business objectives. His leadership will be instrumental in leveraging data collection systems and optimizing operational efficiency and quality. His key responsibilities will be interpreting available data using analytics, statistical techniques, and research methodologies to provide valuable insights to inform strategic decision-making.

    As a seasoned professional with a history of commitment to Enerquip, Steen has been an integral part of the team since 2001, holding various roles that have contributed to its growth and success.

    “We are delighted to expand Tom Steen’s role. His wealth of experience and unwavering dedication have been instrumental to our success. We are confident that Tom’s exceptional skills and emphasis on process and data will propel Enerquip in an increasingly data-driven business landscape,” stated Jeannie Deml, President & CEO.

    A native of Westboro, WI, Steen studied mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Beyond his professional endeavors, he enjoys golfing, playing pool, and cherishing moments with family and friends.

  7. Join Enerquip at the 2024 ILTA Conference and Trade Show

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    Enerquip invites you to join us at the upcoming International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) Conference and Trade Show, scheduled to take place from May 6 to May 8, 2024, at the Marriott Marquis Houston and George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX.

    The ILTA Conference and Trade Show together is the largest gathering of liquid terminal industry professionals. With over 4,500 planned attendees, this event serves as a platform for industry leaders to exchange ideas, explore the latest advancements, and foster collaborations within the terminal industry.

    The ILTA Conference

    Keynote speakers for the event include Jason Dorsey, renowned researcher, advisor, and speaker, presenting at the Keynote Lunch on Monday, May 6 at 12:50 pm, and George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, delivering the Closing Keynote on Tuesday, May 7 at 12:15 pm.

    ILTA acknowledges the dynamic nature of the terminal industry, prompting professionals to stay abreast of the latest developments. In response, ILTA has enhanced its conference planning process by incorporating member suggestions, resulting in a program featuring fresh content.

    Attendees can expect to delve into new topics, engage with influential speakers, and explore interactive ways to enhance their learning experience. While introducing novel aspects, ILTA ensures the inclusion of essential topics vital for terminal industry professionals, making the 2024 conference a unique and valuable experience.

    The ILTA Trade Show – Visit booth #355

    The exhibition, held at the George R. Brown Convention Center on May 7 (10:00 am – 6:00 pm) and May 8 (9:00 am – 12:00 pm), offers an opportunity for more than 4,500 industry professionals to discover the latest services, equipment, and technology. ILTA’s trade show provides a prime environment for networking, building business relationships, and generating quality leads.

    Enerquip invites all attendees to visit our booth (#355) at the trade show, where we will showcase our latest innovations in aboveground storage tank solutions, including hot oil heaters, waste heat economizers, steam generators, tank heating coils, and more. Our experts will be available to discuss industry trends, technological advancements, and how Enerquip can meet your storage tank needs.

    Networking Opportunities

    In addition to the conference and trade show, ILTA offers several events to help create contacts in the fast-paced world of storage terminals. These networking events include:

    Sunday, May 5: ILTA Golf Tournament, to be held at the Wildcat Golf Club. This tournament, played on world-class courses designed by Scottish architect Roy Case, offers a unique opportunity to strengthen professional relationships in a delightful setting.

    Monday, May 6: Women in Tanks Networking Reception from 4:25 – 5:30 pm in Texas Ballroom B; Conference Reception from 5:30 – 7 pm at the Marriott Marquis

    Join Enerquip at ILTA 2024 for networking, learning, and exploring the latest trends in the liquid terminal industry. Learn more at

  8. Enerquip to Showcase Tank Heating Solutions at the 26th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show

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    Enerquip Thermal Solutions is thrilled to announce its participation in the 26th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show, taking place at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando, FL from April 2-5, 2024.

    This premier industry event offers a unique platform for professionals to connect with industry leaders, expand their networks, and gain valuable insights into the latest aboveground storage tank technology developments.

    Join Us at the Trade Show!

    Enerquip invites all attendees to visit our booth at the trade show, where we will showcase our latest innovations in aboveground storage tank solutions, including hot oil heaters, waste heat economizers, steam generators, tank heating coils, and more. Our experts will be available to discuss industry trends, technological advancements, and how Enerquip can meet your storage tank needs.

    Trade show hours:

    • Wednesday, April 3, from 8:30 am – 5 pm
    • Thursday, April 4, from 9 am – 1 pm

    Plan to Attend the Conference

    The following outlines the conference schedule, ensuring you maximize your participation. The conference is not just an event; it’s a gateway to knowledge, innovation, and meaningful connections. Let’s explore together what the 26th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference has in store for you.

    Tuesday, April 2: Free EPA SPCC & FRP Short Course (8 am – 5 pm); Tanks 101 Course (8:30 am – 4:30 pm)

    Wednesday, April 3: AST Conference Hours (8:30 am – 5 pm)

    Thursday, April 4: AST Conference Hours (8:30 am – 5:30 pm)

    Friday, April 5: AST Conference Hours (9 am – 12:15 pm); Special Tracks by Steel Tank Institute (8:15 am – 12:15 pm); Tanks 102 Advanced Course (8:30 am – 1 pm)

    Networking Opportunities

    NISTM offers many opportunities to network with others in the industry, including:

    • Golf Tournament at Rosen Shingle Creek Golf Club – April 2 at 7:45 am and 1:15 pm
    • Welcome Reception in the Gatlin Ballroom – April 2 at 8:30 pm in the Gatlin Ballroom
    • Network Mixer on the Trade Show Floor – April 3 at 5 pm on the trade show floor

    For more information about the 26th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show, visit

  9. Enerquip to Exhibit at CheeseExpo 2024 in Milwaukee

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    Enerquip, a leading provider of sanitary processing solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming CheeseExpo 2024. The trade show, taking place on April 17-18 at the Baird Center in Milwaukee, WI, is recognized as the world’s largest cheese and whey processing expo.

    About CheeseExpo

    CheeseExpo serves as a premier gathering for over 4,000 cheese industry leaders, suppliers, marketers, and professionals. This event provides a platform for sharing insights into the latest developments in cheese technology, new products, whey opportunities, product safety, marketing strategies, and other critical issues impacting the industry.

    Organized by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association (WCMA) and the Center for Dairy Research (CDR), CheeseExpo promises an exciting and informative experience for all attendees. The diverse audience includes maintenance and sanitation workers, plant managers, food safety and quality assurance staff, artisan cheesemakers, human resources personnel, marketing staff, product distributors, research and development scientists, CEOs, owners, salespeople, young professionals, and more.

    Enerquip to Exhibit at Booth 835 at CheeseExpo

    Enerquip looks forward to contributing to the success of CheeseExpo 2024 by showcasing its innovative solutions and engaging with industry leaders. Visit Enerquip at booth 835 to explore the latest advancements in sanitary shell and tube heat exchangers, vapor condensers, CIP heaters, and more.

    Trade Show Hours:

    • April 17 from 11 am – 5 pm
    • April 18 from 11 am to 4 pm

    For more information about CheeseExpo 2024, please visit

  10. Enerquip Supports Our Village Playground Project

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    Enerquip, an advocate for community well-being, is pleased to announce its donation of $1,000 to the Our Village Playground Project. This contribution will be pivotal in advancing the ongoing efforts to expand the inclusive and accessible playground area in Medford City Park.

    The journey towards a more inclusive play space began in 2016 when a passionate group of community stakeholders gathered to envision a place where children of all abilities could come together to play, learn, and grow. Their dream materialized in the summer of 2019, bringing joy to countless families in Medford. Now, the Our Village Playground Project is embarking on Phase 2, aiming to expand the inclusive playground on the west side of Medford City Park.

    Joseph Greget, Chair of the Our Village Playground Project, expressed his gratitude for Enerquip’s support, saying, “This generous donation from Enerquip exemplifies the power of community collaboration. We are truly grateful for their commitment to creating a space where every child can experience the joy of play. With partners like Enerquip, we are one step closer to realizing our vision for an expanded inclusive and accessible playground for all.”

    Enerquip, deeply rooted in the belief of caring for others above oneself, recognizes the importance of making a local impact. Their commitment to improving the quality of life in the communities where they work, play, and live aligns seamlessly with the goals of the Our Village Playground Project. Through this donation, Enerquip reinforces its dedication to fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity within the Medford community.